Weekend Update

Well it’s about time I did a blog.

It’s Sunday currently and am a bit sore from two days of ‘beach body workout’ stuff. Yeah she actully did it two days in a row.

To be honest yesterday was an okay day too though. No boozing, went out and did some yard stuff together, did other stuff together, watched some shows and so on together. Sure okay fine. I know it’s something that will have both shoes drop and things go back to how they ‘normally’ are with me being the only conscious person.

Why would I be excited about a ‘better lifestyle’ though when I’m just waiting for the failure on her part (and blame on mine). Yesterday was truly an okay weekend day and if she acted like that most of the time, most times would be decent.

Today she’s on a bitch path due to her having to go to work tomorrow. She’s bitching about all the usual things….the planet, and I’m just doing stuff to get the house ready for the week. Think i’ll take the Meemer for a car ride and grab a coffee and perhaps a donut for us to share.

Come onnnnn work week.


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