I don’t know what to tell ya?….

“I can’t sleep Sunday nights before work because I hate how stupid people are at my work…” She said.

Right but what can you do to change it? Nothing? So how about accepting that fact and then letting go of caring about it? No? Why not? Because it’s not you that’s stupid? Who’s sleeping like a baby? Them? Right?

Sigh. Yes it’s my PO that can’t sleep on Sundays because she just can’t STAND how stupid people she works with are (in her mind). It’s something that if I were to solve it would simply say “well since you can’t change them, you have to change your mind and just start not caring as much about if they are going to ask stupid questions or do stupid things AND know they will and then not be so wound up and angry at that fact as you’ll just make your life difficult”…to which I’d get the “but why do I HAVE to do anything THEY’RE the ones that are idiots!!!!!!!”…to then my reply is then “fine then, don’t sleep Sundays”…

I know I’m not supposed to solve problems, I’m male. I only finish what I start and solve things and do things. If I were female I could take all of that burden and simply bitch and moan that I have it so much worse while not doing one bit of anything to improve my situation or make my life better.

I recall hearing the definition of insanity was doing something over and over again getting the same results and expecting the results to be different. That’s exactly what this is. It wasn’t just the current set of coworkers either. It’s been every single set of coworkers she’s been through. So it must be everyone else right? Sure.

I’d offer to talk about it but it’ll just be 40 rounds around why ‘these’ ones are worse and the worst ever and how I should try working with them and I’d see what she sees and…..


No one cares.

Most of all…I don’t care.


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