Nice Try

Another attempt was made tonight to merge our accounts into one in order that I ‘stop paying interest’ on my credit cards and instead, we both merge our accounts and then that be the end of it.

All I could think was ‘sure, uh huh’ and then I heard the 3000 other pieces of evidence I heard in the past screaming in my head, the one I got out was that I don’t want to have every single purchase policed by her if I buy a comic, a coffee or otherwise. She replied as females do who are lying through thier teeth until the time they want to reem you out, ‘but I spent what I want so why would i worry what you spend?’ says the woman who freaked out to the point of screamo yelling crying when I even MENTIONED the thought of one day buying a digital tablet to do you know….drawing since I draw. I have a ton of other reasons and no I’m not going to just wipe it clean and start a new. Man wouldn’t that be nice though? Not in this reality. I’d have everything scrutinized including some subscriptions I have to artists, some Patreon things of which I shoot a few people 5 bucks a month for their entertainment that they put out that entertains me etc. It would be met with ‘what are you wasting the money on them for, WE NEED this money afterall I only have 70 grand in savings… yeah no thanks.

As some wise musician said…you’ve got to keep em separated….


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