Evening and Lots of Ranting…

So I’ve had a pretty okay night considering that it’s an ‘early bedtime night’.

I called mom and talked to her about all sorts of stuff. Was nice to talk to her. Discussing time when they could come out here that I said I’d check would conflict with the idiot wife promising her coworker that she’d be able to watch their dog during that time, and another dog another weekend and then well it’s our anniversary weekend the other and well the anime convention is another one and….sigh.

Rant time!!!!

I know its busy but I think I’m extra annoyed due to it being busied up by someone that most nights most week nights and most weekends has been passed out on the couch from her boozing and now that she knows I want my parents to visit it just ‘seems’ that now EVERY WEEKEND is full up and she’s filling them until the end of time. I mention that I’ll go out there then and then she remarks how can I leave when we have a new dog!!! So I came up with ‘fine i’ll take the puppy and he can meet my parents then’ and she was ‘okay’ with that during that conversation though i’m sure she’s thought of reasons why that isn’t okay anymore.

I honestly think I’ll just take a weekend, leave ‘early’ on a Friday, stay that night, Saturday night and come back Sunday by supper ish time with the pup so I can at least SEE MY FAMILY. She remarks how ‘her’ family can schedule and not just wait and wait to book time to see us….but she of course doesn’t see that she drops everything for them and wasn’t doing anything anyways and is only filling the time now so I can’t seemingly see mine. She’d just tell others or cancel things if HER parents came but mine? Sorry I’ve made plans for every weekend or day until Christmas and BTW I can’t get time off so I won’t be able to see your family again….uh huh. Keep being a selfish cow. She’s watching dogs for people she hates just basically so she can be surrounded by dogs and I can do everything. Idiot.

Rant over….

One funny part talking to mom was I mentioned how there is a weekend we’re watching a dog but not to worry we’re not getting another one that I’VE limited it to two dogs. We talked about it more and she even said that more means more responsibility and agreed with me. She told me that a person only has so much time in the day to do things and most of it’s work and then everything else….

Now I’m not talking about people that have more than two like my best bud but 3 dogs here? It just gives ME all the more responsibility and work… while some fat ass makes a mess (and I’m NOT talking about the dogs). It’s nice to discuss things with mom, a bit of sanity in an otherwise insane time…I think mom knows more than she lets on about how I’m the one doing most everything. I’ve talked a bit with her previously I’m sure on the subject without throwing someone under the bus (poor bus! *rimshot*)…

Sorry I guess the rant wasn’t over…lol…

So looks like it’ll be sometime in the fall they’ll visit then and I’ll just fire back a time to them and see if they can do it or tentatively plan it that way…


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