I’m up and it’s not even 5:30am. She had to go into work early so I have to get up at the same time. Yep that’s how it works. Fine. I can watch some videos or whatever.

She went to work with boozebreath so that must be a pleasure to talk to when she’s at work. Last night she would ramble on about who in this world should have kids (taking pot shots at certain people close to me) like she’s the judge and jury (moreso as the booze gets in and does it’s stuff) when she really shouldn’t give a shit what others do and maybe instead, focus on her own life but hey, again, I’m a male so I should refrain from suggesting someone in the ‘better’/’fairer’ sex reflect and maybe make a decision or change in their own lives…

The work week has been silly and I’m sure will continue for the rest of the week. I’m happy to have my coworkers that I enjoy seeing daily. It helps for sure.

I should write mom and dad and see how things are going there. See if they know of a weekend they could come up here to visit and go from there. I’ll probably write them from work once I’m more awake and have more of my senses lol..

I can feel the workouts a bit now, not in the excruciating pain that it was the first time lol…someone else is in that pain still but someone else spent a good time on the couch not doing much else. Best part was me being asked angrily how come I’M not sore like she is…cuz I’m not a sloth? I just laughed. Are you really asking? Just like asking me why your teeth rot when you have beer and go to sleep with beer on your nightstand….just a head shaker.

I’m looking forward to more drawing at lunch and maybe even a bit before work here.

On with the day.


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