Friday AM

To say I’m tired is an understatement. Since ‘going to bed early’, the pup needed out a few times during the night, and then the other one did, I swear from this point on it’ll be like that one time Iw atched ilke 15 kids…EVERYBODY OUT AT ONCE NOW….like a freaking parade.

I felt my patience get thinner and thinner and thinner when someone wouldn’t do his business (and it wasn’t Milo) so brought him back in and laid there awake, angry for 2 hours. I kept telling myself that no I’m not angry at the innocent pup or him BEING a pup as this is what dogs do sometimes, ESPECIALLY being a pup so that’s expected but the anger was rather the frustration felt to do with the slab o blub out cold in the bed who tells me she didn’t sleep too well and is ‘still tired’. Sigh. Say it with me people…TGIF….

This Friday afternoon may start out with me taking a nap in my car but it will continue to be a ‘me’ time afternoon.

Thinking more on the weekend my parents want to come up and having to tell them they can’t but how about the next month (September) which is pretty close to it anyway, I’m sure they’ll be okay with the fall. I mention that this morning and then ask her when her own damn parents are coming back for the return trip (they’re out east for a bit, then coming back and making a return visit here) so i’m sure the weekend that will ‘work’ will be the exact weekend they’re planning to come back of which they’ve probably told their daughter but she doesn’t care to remember but then it’ll automatically trump things. I think I have to deal with this like a certain Arch at work and go around them and be 3 steps ahead of their excuses or all that’ll happen is I’ll get shit on.

The excuses are “We might be watching a coworker (that i hate)’s dog that weekend….plus we should get all our camping gear ready for the following weekend when we go camping…” yeah because ‘getting camping gear ready’ trumps my family hey…ugh

One thing I know. Mom and dad will be fine with changing the date. Thank GOD they’re my parents and I can think like them and at least have an idea what they’ll react like.

Time for more Doctor Who and a huge coffee…


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