More Friday

Here at the last coffee place for the afternoon (and most likely the day).

I did some sketching and laying out of a new illustration. Sure it won’t be perfect but I can try right? Just fan art of an anime that I enjoy. Why not right?

Great to see new YouTube videos up from people I follow. 🙂 Was a pleasure to watch and also I found out that I actually don’t MIND the light roast coffee here…that’s a first…usually the coffee at the sketchcave (that’s what I’ll call this place) isn’t that great but usually I’ll have the medium or dark.  I’ll have to remember that!

I think after t his on my way home, I’ll sort through my car and gather garbage etc from the trunk and just ‘cleanify’ the car. Just so that one little area feels accomplished and in MY control. I’m hoping to do something similar as I did that last time at the side of the house, cutting it all short and tidy. All the better to be tidy with 3 dogs at home this weekend. Can’t remember if I mentioned we’re watching another dog for one of the PO’s coworkers(that she hates)…so will be more poop to pick and so on.

I still love the big indulgence that is the BOSE headphones I bought a year ago (or so, probably less). Still working wonderfully….and better for the price I paid!

Anyway, best get out of here in case ‘someone calls me’. Don’t want sketchcave sounds transferring through the phone if ya know what I mean.

Happy Weekend Everyone!


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