My Day

Well I wrote the email to my parents. I kind of eluded that the PO(o) has been trying to book each weekend solid for the summer and this was one where she had promised previously that we’re watching another dog thus a housefull of dogs and dog things that weekend and that we could try in September.

Tough to do but I’m hopeful they’ll understand. Dad I’m sure will as he’s dealt with women for a lot longer than I have lol…

So far my afternoon has been pretty good. I’m starting to get a bit sleepy but currently am at a Starbucks sipping a black tea/lemonade thingy that I suspect would have some caffeine in it…here’s hoping!

Just got back from the mall and some people watching and perusing. I spent a whole 15 bucks…some on junkfood and some on packing supplies as I have to send a laptop to MY PO’S PARENTS FRIEND…since my PO has all her fingers cut off…..right? lol..

Before that I had remembered there is a genuine Japanese gift store located somewhere in this city by the big mall so detoured there and looked around and talked to the shop clerk who had lived in Japan for years (she was chineese though) and it was just nice to have regular conversation with a person without it turning into crap.

I finished my Doctor Who finale episode before I left work. I’m happy I finally caught up on all of it. Shows how deep in the trenches I’ve been with life with the PO this past year…I missed a whole SEASON of a show I diligently watched previously.

I think I’ll surf a bit, sketch or read some comics and then make my way elsewhere. At least this coffee shop is located in a biiig bookstore so I can do some browsing once I’m done my bevvy.


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