Later Saturday

It’s still not late. It’s about 15 minutes past 8pm. Just had the doggies in and out a few times while talking to my brother (future dad) on the phone for nearly an hour. It was a good talk! One of those talks you wish could be each and every talk and hey since we’re both male, why can’t it be right?

We discussed the usual things, went into talking about maturity, women and so on. Was funny talking about things though. It was nice! He’s thinking about doing T shirts and trying to market them online. I know other artists that do that all the time too and it’s ‘some’ success, more like passive income, so once it’s up, if someone buys a shirt then yay! They still have their day jobs so it’s not like they’re up and going on a world tour, no they just sold a t shirt and happy about it.

He was talking about computer programs like photoshop and illustrator and such and I let him know about which he had heard of from a friend of his too, it’s good too because far as I know you can access it if you have a library card too far as I can remember…

Funny looking at my step counter (not counting riding my bike or my walk to the convenience store) as it’s over 12000 steps for the day. It’s quite a bit for a typical weekend day here.

He agreed though with the consensus that i have to look out for me and keep pushing my time and my creative pursuits and live my life and let her deal with her own life.

Anyway, it feels good to have ‘visited with’ my brother tonight.

On with the rest of the night AND tomorrow…


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