So today’s been pretty darn good. I can’t ask for more…well I can but we both know what that is lol…

I took the pup for his haircut and got one myself. Feels better. 😊

I’m a bit sore from the beach body workouts but am okay. She on the other hand is super sore and irritated that she’s sore and I’m not really as much. Well that’s what you get for sitting yours on the sofa all hours. Also I’m guessing that energy from booze isn’t as ‘quality’ as from food. So no workout today for her BUUUUT she’s already tying into more ‘booze’ and I have been mowing the lawn and doing yard stuff all day so far….so it CAN’T BE FROM ME SITTING ON MY PHONE….*rolls eyes*.

“Do you think I’ll lose weight to where I was before?” Sure yeah sure you will..keep thinking that. Want me to top up your glass??

I think I’ll go after I’m done eating out to the home renovation centre and pick up a few things. Once I get back I’ll enjoy myself in the yard and then once she’s PTFO I’ll be able to whip out the sketchbook and start sketching.

Saw some cuties while driving and walking in and out of the pet store so that was nice. Women that were actually SMILING wow! Course it’s due to me walking a dog right but hey it’s still nice to see.

Hope my best bud is enjoying his weekend thus far and will be able to continue to do so. 😊


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