Selfish Saturday? Naw.

It just feels like I’m on a broken record sometimes.

I’m doing okay here having finished the yard stuff. I come into the house to see dishes are still everywhere, someone’s still passed out and 3 dogs are roaming.

I let them all out one at a time, they do thier business and thus far at least, no accidents in the house yet. So glad she wanted to borrow her coworkers dog so she could see how things were with the pup as far as playing goes. Guess she didn’t need to actually SEE how it was. Passed right out since about noon here.

I’m tempted to just go out for a bit myself leaving her here with the pups and then perhaps do some life drawing upstairs at the computer. Sure she’ll wake up and wonder where I am and then be immediately pissed that I’m not sitting here watching her be passed out but she’s ‘so tiiiiiiiiiiired’ from not sleeping due to letting the dogs out she says. Fact is wrong though since I’m the one that let them out twice last night. She just woke up to fill her gullet.

I’m just enjoying my weekend myself really, with the pups here and there. I’m doing things for me, entertaining me and thinking of me. Selfish? Naw, someone else is being selfish first.


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