It’s a blog warrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

Kidding….Enjoying the blog my best bud wrote about kindness and how at times it’s tough to be kind. I agree absolutely. It’s the chosen few (as he said too) that I choose to be kind to. I choose to be kind to:

-Strangers. People I don’t know, people who have not shown me to be total Smeg-heads (thank you Red Dwarf)

-Where I should. In laws, people working retail jobs at a coffee shop and other service industries. Once I’m past the ‘should’ then I get into the ‘do they make the cut or are they in the other category (which I’ll get to). Older folks. Respect the elders (again unless the elders show to be old a holes).

-Kids and animals. This I try my darnedest. With my latest bouts with my own pup, it can be a tough one but I’d (which I found out) rather punch a post than a pup (thank goodness).

Now the other category is eff you I’m acting if I’m around you:

Bosses. Yep. From my experience in the working world, you have to prove your innocence as I’m assuming you’re a lying dirty scumbag who’s trounced on many people’s backs over the years. Oh hey there how are you today!? How are your kids? Great!!! (soon as I pass the face changes and the thought continuing after is “asshole”).

Rude and bigoted people. Can’t stand these folks. I may act kinder to them but that doesn’t stop the hate within this guy. Bender sayings come to mind.

Closed minded and judgmental people.  (Eff yourselves).

So as much as I love the Doctor’s speech that episode, I do see it as reserving kind for the people I deem kindness is for. Basically everyone but a holes. 😀





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