Like The Doomsday Clock…

I get up to let the guest pup and our New pup out.  It’s 2:10am. Someone isn’t in bed. I figure she’s up eating food. I bring the pup downstairs to a tone of voice that you may hear or you may use when you’re caught doing something. 

“H-hey I’m just down here because my hip is sore…”

I say “ok” and let the pups out. 

I already know what’s going on and I haven’t even smelled the breath yet. 

I give her a nice long hug and take the pups back upstairs and climb back into bed. 

It’s 2:22am and she’s drinking full on. 

I just wanted to write this to keep track although I’m not shocked really. More just like a thought of “I always thought moose were large..and now I know since I actually just saw one.

Bring on work.


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