The Poop

I am warm as hell…that’s all I’ll say.

Today we did a workout, good but too damn warm, even in the basement. I barely had energy to move.

So since we have had a puppy guest here, with ME the new pup has been okay but now with the PO, he seems to be turding in the house since ‘he’s distracted by the guest’ although it’s more like she hasn’t spent the time with him outside so then this is what happens. She says how she’s so irritated that he’s doing this…well I don’t know what to tell you Mrs. Experienced and Intuitive. I’m just a dumb guy with no patience that’s both too used to being single before her (more than 10 years ago, still uses THAT one) and just never had to raise anything before (as she has…no wait her parents did). So yeah.

Not much else going on. Maybe a coke?


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