Tiredey Wiredy

She wonders why I’m so tired all the time. It’s irritating her. She’s telling me maybe you need to see a doctor, maybe this maybe that. NO ONE hates summer, no one lets it depress them yadda yadda yadda…

I’m just exhausted and there isn’t really explanation needed for her. I’m just tired out. I’m tired of being the one that’s doing everything and responsible for everything both at home and at work (with my own stuff that is, not claiming to be J J and thinking that I run the world). On top of that, the weather is warm and muggy. Just tires me out. That and not having any chance to just relax at home too. No watching Star Trek, no watching other shows of mine without the absolute constant hum of racist comments about people she hates streaming in to interrupt things. I’m tired from the new pup and ME doing it all, I’m tired from just everything to do with the wife. The exercise isn’t what’s tiring me out which is what she’s ‘assuming’, which it’s not lol…

I am however looking forward to my Friday afternoon though for a bit of recharge, heaven forbid if I ever lose these. I think a good recharge would be to see my family too, just me but that won’t happen for a while either.

My bit of recharging during my days are chatting with my best bud, listening to good programs and COFFEE…

The constant texting all day, the constant angry !!!!!!!!! all day, the constant I TEXTED YOU AND YOU HAVEN’T ANSWERED emails I get if I’m a minute past going uh huh to a racist rant about how brownies are the stupidest humans on the face of the planet (to her), the go go go at work, the assholes at work, then the come home in the heat, the muggy muggy heat, arrive home to be told that the pup pooped in the house and then a reiteration of the brownies rant for another couple hours, while doing dishes or some ot her chore while she sits there irritated about her aforementioned rants, we doa bit of exercise and then it’s up to bed where she wants to (demands) snuggle and so she’s laying in bed watching her shows with me laying behind her and even then (put your arm on meeee)…and at some point I fall asleep to get up middle of the night to do my doggy daddy duty…

Why am I tired?

No idea. Must be something medical. I should go see a doctor. (sarcastic)


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