No Title..

So just sitting here at the coffee shop enjoying a bit of my friday. I had a lunch outside with a coworker so that was nice. A sub and lawn and sun. Not too bad. 🙂

I have done some drawing but more just messy scribbling.  It’s nice to be at the coffee shop. New barrista and she’s not hard to look at let me tell you. Made me a good cold iced latte so that’s nice on a plus 25ish day (so far).

At work today I perhaps did a bit of dirty pool to get someone to work and design some things that he keeps saying have already been thought of. I provided drawings to the consultants and stated MY plan of being done such and such by end of next week, which means I promised, which means it needs to be drawn by me which means it needs to be designed by HIM…and cced the bigger boss too. Well they gave me the super tight impossible deadline so I have to set some deadlines myself and if it’s waiting on design I need to protect myself and keep things moving instead of doing what is ‘planned chaos’ later on when they finally in 5 minutes design things the very last second that they took weeks to ‘think and not design’ and then I’ll be left to draw the entire set in a panic thus sending out something half cooked and full blame will go to me from this guy. Hopefully I keep setting things up so it makes him do some work.

Like a lot of people these days, no one wants to do the work but everyone wants the credit right?

So not sure what we’re doing entirely this weekend besides another ‘repeat’ picnic in the park. I don’t mind the picnics but what I don’t like (and mentioned earlier I’m sure) was just doing something over and over and over…also don’t like doing something just to ‘keep someone busy’. But like a good guy, I’ll suck it up and i’ll go and see what I can enjoy out of the whole thing.

I think we ‘may’ go to a movie on Sunday though I will see when that time comes. I’m game for it (as usual for almost anything) but depends on someone else and what THEY will do this weekend.

I’ve held back on doing a ton of chores lately as it along with the 40 other things a day (it seems) has been exhausting me with summer doing it’s own exhausting thing too.

I’m trying to book a dental x-ray for our old pup so will wait until they call me back. I got a hold of some wenchy angry female (no surprise) and so they said that the doctor would call me back to schedule in something.

I may go look at some shirts in a near by store but other than that, I think i’ll do some more drawing, do a bit of wandering, bit of window shopping and not sure what else. At least it’s all me time (besides the xray thing).

Not sure what else to write…


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