The Weekend…

So today’s a humid warm housefull of mess that I’m currently slowly cleaning up. Doing laundry, making coffee, watching Adam The Woo on YouTube and just living out a Sunday.

I have to cut the back lawn this afternoon at some point. We have a pooper scooper that’s like a dustpan on a handle and another piece on a handle to ‘sweep’ the crap into it and let me tell you, it’s bloody helpful in keeping the crap under control. No bending, no hurting the back (any more than usual) etc. So yay!

Yesterday was a shit show trying to get out to have a picnic at the ‘usual’ park we’ve been at…we get there and it’s all blocked off by police. Apparently there is a triathalon there this weekend so we, with a car full of pups, tents, blankets and so on, we try to find another pet friendly park. We find one and drive that way….across the river, another 13k away though and when we get there, a new sign showing no dogs is up….well that’s wonderful…so back up the hill we go, grab gasoline and find us yet ANOTHER park to go to. As we’re driving the drivers are their usual horrible slow driving idiots, one test driving a Cadillac, and other idiots….by this time its’ about 2:30pm….we go corner after corner into a park that both ‘has washrooms’ and walking paths…find out when we get there that its’ more trails than anything else…so no where to set up…we come across an area kind of in the middle of a stream..Thinking we finally have a place to set up camp, we start and a loud mouth idiotic family come down right where we are, and start taking family photos in this exact spot…so the dogs are both sniffing the people and we’re trying to pull them back, trying to set up and just getting extra irritated at people…so fine we pack up and go up to the top of the valley (3pm now), set up the tent (btw, NO washrooms as the website says, way to go city of Edmonton, two for two now) and eat our food as we’re both starving. We enjoy about an hour of sitting there without idiots and then make our way home. After all of that, I was super lazy and was fine just putzing around home and around the gazeebo. Later on I did go for a small bike ride and got myself an iced coffee. Just a shit show of a day though.

We’ll see how work goes this week. It’ll be crazy yes so we’ll see…


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