I really don’t understand what the deal is when she really doesn’t have anything to say she’s watching videos non-stop on her computer and doesn’t seem interested in anything me the dogs or anything literally.

Is something wrong or what’s the deal. I suppose it’s just a woman being a woman and I shouldn’t ask what the problem because that means that there would be a solution and we all know that that is not allowed…

So I guess I’ll just go up to bed and see if I can watch some videos and listen to some audio and go to bed and see how tomorrow treats me. Good night

A Short One

A quickie here.

She was at home all day. I came home and first thing I ask is ‘have you fed Meemes’. The answer is ‘he won’t eat, and no I didn’t”. I immediately grab his food and put it on the couch and he starts eating.

*narrows eyes* She must have tried as hard as she does when she tries to not judge others. *rimshot*

She’s glued to her laptop watching stupid vine videos. That’s about all. She’s not hungover or tipsy or anything but just sitting there doing that. You can barely grab her attention away. I don’t get this person whatsoever.

Anyway, I bought a new tire for the truck so will be changing it now. Maybe wipe out the truck and such for the upcoming trip.

I hope I can still go or it’ll be hell to pay at home AND at work.


I also bought myself an iced coffee and a muffin on the way home. Yay ME stuff.

Also before the end of the day I was supposed to send a set for review to the Project Arch, I had all my stuff ready with me to go home so had the PDF all ready and addressed to him, and 2 partners involved in the project (of whom I’m sure he didn’t want me to send it to) and went FIRE and sent it….then ran to the truck to go home…😃

Ain’t I a stinker? – Lou Costello. 😊


Well tonight I came home to Mrs Beer too much. Ah the swing back from the normal weekend is a great one. Swing alllllllllll the way will ya :P.

Not much of a night for me tonight yet. I’m putting laundry away. I took Meemer for a car ride, grabbed a couple o treats and shared some with him and drove back home. She’s laying on the sofa watching crime shows. I swear its like a coworker of mine and I talked about a couple months ago..she knew someone else that LOVED those types of shows too…..there was something up with that person too..Now I’m not saying that’s everybody but it was a funny conversation and one I tilt my head (like a pup) when she’s watching that kind of crap hours on end.

Way to spend her day off from work. She’s been off most Mondays the past month and a half or so due to too much being produced at the plant so the whole department had to take Monday’s off until they sold more products. She’s so far chosen to get ripe hammered on all of them I think so far. How can that be when I’m not here to ‘make her bored’…uh huh.

So I’ll probably hang up clothes, then she’ll stumble up to bed early then i’ll go to bed and watch shows on my phone until I stop thinking about work and finally fall asleep ready for tomorrow’s onslaught.

Good while it lasted…

So the weekend was good as mentioned in the previous blog entries. Things were good, the conversations are good, and all in all it was a relaxing weekend.

In the past hour she has now dipped into the rum and has come out here multiple times or I am sorting my tools in the garage.

Now she’s rambling about my brother and the whole kid issue a once again and just rambling and rambling like a crazy smelling like rum person.

I do look up above and I think whatever it was that gave me a decent weekend to this point as it was a blessing and it was refreshing especially with work being how it has been lately. I’ll take this as a great success.

Let’s get to work tomorrow and do some stuff. 🙂

Holy Normalcy Batman

This weekend has been an odd one. Not in a bad odd but a good odd. The wife has been decent all weekend. She and I cleaned the place yesterday. BOTH cleaned. All day BOTH cleaned. We had coffee’s, tea’s and so on but BOTH cleaned…I wasn’t sure what to think. We watched some TV and a movie too and had a fire outside…so odd to have a normal night. Friday night was a pretty good one too just going to bed early and putting a movie on. After the crazy week I had, it was nice to be able to relax and also to not worry about someone having too much to drink where I had to take care of the house the dogs and everything else that I have become accustomed to.

Today has been another good day too. Just a normal weekend really. I’m happy this was the case with my work life being so hectic that I’m still uncertain HOW I will get things done this week… and then end the week off with a camping trip…so it’s like someone up there answered me and I am thankful, at least for this one weekend, as my respite. I was able to relax, enjoy normal conversation with my wife, NOT hearing 300 hours of complaining about her coworkers or others she can’t stand…

Doing laundry right now and going to do some sorting in the garage, maybe a bit of surfing but that’s about it. Hoping the week is tolerable and that I survive it with work being completed.


Sigh. Well I will give myself this. I got a hell of a lot done at work today. Was it enough? I’m not sure. I won’t be sure until I’m on the other side of this ‘nebula’ to be honest.

A big blowout occurred today when SP started in on blaming the person he’s trying to get to do the work which never helps the situation. Instead of diffusing it or apologizing or trying to figure out how the other guy was confused, he went straight into blaming. No wonder my buddy almost snapped. He walked away before doing so at least so that’s good. Doesn’t need another heart attack especially from such asinine behavior as blaming.

I went to the mall during lunch. I brought food to work for lunches but said screw it (or something like that) and went out instead. I needed to get out. With this work push it was a nice thing to get out. I texted my recently departed coworker to see how she was doing. That was nice as well. I’m thankful to have had the company today of my best bud too. Chats with him always help my mood sanity and life. Thank you. J

I’m writing this blog while my big PDF of the set of drawings ‘prints’ and then will fire them out to the consultants for coordination.

I may stop off on the way home for a quick coffee or iced coffee (as it seems lighter on my stomach) and then hope that tonight isn’t absolute shit with the wife. Yes I put wife now. I can keep putting PO to mean ‘pignificant other’ as it’s how she acts a lot of the time but I’m simply at the point where I’m not sure I care to ‘disguise’ her since the only one being used and expected to do everything is myself. Wife Wife Wife. There.

My hope is that this weekend isn’t full of ‘tired’ and ‘beer’ and other selfish shit that doesn’t let me get one moment of MY interests in…

Sigh. On with the weekend…