Another Tale of Doggie Daddy Here

So tonight I’m walking the new pup to get the mail (and to get him to do his business) as today’s been a world of things out of both ends if you know what I mean for not only the old pup but this one too. Think the new one is eating weeds and stuff so will go watch him in the mornings again like I was up until a week or so ago.

I’m walking him and he has a habit of if he feels some tightness like being caught around something HE RUNS. Not when you are holding a leash or holding him or anything but almost just a fear of something having him caught on. So anyway we’re going through an area near the street from a walk path and he goes on one side of the 6×6 post and me on the other and i was about to move the leash around it but it caught and he in his harness that’s tight on him (or so I think) he runs, turns around, backs up with his front legs out in front of him, ducks his head and is OUT of his harness and starting to run for the road. I, without thinking go into DIVE mode and I dive and land over him like a goalie on a hockey puck. He yelps from me being over him but I didn’t even land on him or anything just over him lol…I put him back on his harness and now know another thing to watch for lol….

Now I’m eating Cheerios. 😛



OK. I SERIOUSLY got to start charging my tablet and keeping it always charged. I can’t keep drawing on my latest piece if the tool isn’t going to have at battery life…*minor kick to butt*

Man am I tired. Yes, the story of the past few months. This time it was the Meems that woke up sickly, or rather wanted out, then came in, did his sickly business and after the clean up, woke me up an hour later and had to go out again. That and getting up an hour earlier since ‘she’ goes into work early today. So needless to say I’m beat. But I’m having coffee and I’m watching some videos. WAS going to sketch but yeah, you know the story on that lol…

I tend to dream about things, not usually things I want or you know, va va va VOOM, but lately the dreams of which were work related (and frustration) have been replaced by full on fighting dreams with the wife. Yep, so not only having to put up with the days of BS with her and her judging everyone, followed by a night of ranting, rambling, complaining…then to be followed by a night of dreams of the same thing? At least I do a lot more telling her to shut up in those lol…still doesn’t leave me refreshed.

I think I need to re-find my zen and perhaps that’s the Friday afternoons again although this Friday will be something different (or more of the same) as I have to go to a job site to help an ex coworker out to measure some things though she will pay me cash money for my help (sum not agreed upon yet – she wants to pay me way too much for it) and that can’t hurt the piled up credit card bills. I’m sure I’ll fit in a bit of sketching still afterward or what not and I’LL HAVE MY TABLET CHARGED FOR IT…

Today I’m wondering if it’ll be PTFO Thursday as she’s taking bottles into the recycler after work. I KNOW she’s actually doing SOMETHING! Though the reasoning to me is so she can go right from that place 1 block over and pick up some more alcohol so that’s why I’m suspecting it may be that kind of night. If it is, may the PTFO be swift and my sketching be plenty.

Also payday!!!! YAY!!!! No more checking my account as I drive through a Timmies to get a 1.75 coffee on the way in…THAT was refreshing to talk to someone about money that was on this planet too and is a woman (that I work with) instead of the one at home.

Not sure what else…I think today at work will be okay even if I’m tired. I shall watch for meteors though. They’re always around the corner.

So Sweepy


The continuing story of mr sleepy here. I have to get up an hour earlier tomorrow as the wife goes in early. It’ll be okay though if I use the time for ‘me’ stuff as in YouTube and TV that I like etc.

I will send mom and dad an email tonight (or tomorrow since I’m dead feeling) and try to nail down a weekend. I hope it works out…

Wife came home and ranted about crap, typical crap. Movin’ on…

She went to bed early as she’s not feeling good. Thinks it’s something she ate or something.

I had a good lunch today seeing an old coworker and visiting with a current one with them on ‘the hill’. Always good company when it’s women that are happy and not ragging or bitching about everything and everyone.

Thinking more about the artist I watched on YouTube and the debate in my head of ‘is it cheating’ doing the drawings how he does? I LOVE seeing and reading Manga that have that uber realistic feel to it though would I be able to do something like it and not see myself as it being super um cheaty? I’m not sure! I mean on the one hand they are adding texture and shading and then their own characters and story to the location but if it’s a photo that’s blasted right back to be able to basically trace upon and it turns out good….I just don’t know! Had a debate with the aforementioned coworker regarding cheating and drawing and I took it that if I drew something then took it into illustrator and used a ‘filter’ to correct lines or to just ‘fix’ it, I felt like it was cheating and she totally disagreed stating that it’s not cheating because YOU MADE THE DECISION TO DO IT so you’re making creative choices in the matter. And then of course with the manga artist too, if you were to meticulously draw out each and every background of every panel, you’d never get anything out and no stories would have been told then…so what’s better right? Of course if it feels like it’s your expression I guess it means that it’s good. If you’re enjoying it then shouldn’t that be enough? I mean it’s not like this guy can’t draw either as he renders one of his own characters meticulously too…

Just interesting brain candy to gnaw on.

Guess I’ll go water the garden as (yes folks) its my job too.

Negative Nancy

Halfway through the work day. I thought I’d have blogged more by now J.

I had my island at lunch, got me perked right up (yay flat whites).

I will have to call my brother and see how he’s doing with the possible child being born very near to now (before or after). I truly hope all goes well and everyone ends up being healthy and strong and that this provides a great life opportunity to see what he can handle being that a child is not an easy thing to do though am sure he’ll do just fine. He has to right?

Yesterday, I debated telling the wife about it as I knew she’d go off on a tear about who ‘should’ and should not be able to have a kid, and before you get irritated (just yet lol) it’s not even ‘just about my brother’ but basically anyone that is NOT HER with her savings and her choices in life should not be having one and should not be allowed to. Yeah, full of herself much? Well I bit the bullet and thought I will NOT not mention it. I called my parents Sunday night and heard about it was really soon. I was then told under no certain terms that I was to answer a call from him or use my phone on ‘our’ day yesterday. I think I may have mentioned this (though may not have with this guy’s Swiss cheese brain) but I went ‘fine’ and I put my phone upstairs away from anything. I made her do everything on her phone that she asked ME to do. Why I can’t! My phone’s not with me! OR My phone’s upstairs! Anyway, glad he didn’t call anyway which means they probably haven’t had the kid yet.

I will be calling though at some point to see how things are. I, unlike the wife, isn’t a judgmental prick of a person and I don’t’ care who you are wife or otherwise, NO ONE will make me not care for my family, my brother or my relatives. They are MY relatives. She’s telling her coworkers (of whom she hates them all) that she doesn’t ever want to see the kid, that they are not welcome to visit and so on because of them being ‘so dumb’ as to have a kid blah blah blah…So I think I know my riot act moment. Just have to see when I get to read it to her. That being said, she’s back to her old game with my parents. Why can’t they decide a weekend? If they come and expect we have days off, I don’t, I’d have to use a holiday day to take it off to see them and well they aren’t MY parents. I’d LOVE to see her reaction if I were to do that with HER parents. I kind of did once but only after just being irritated how she looks upon MY family as opposed to hers.

I think I’ll narrow down a weekend, near the middle of September, and they can come up, visit, I can drive them around the city while she’s at work with her bestest friends (and brownies) and will have a helluva time while she’s an angry sack of crap. I’m also debating some talk with my parents about things between her and I too, for instance about her deciding she can’t come to visit them at Christmas either as she will not take any holiday days to see them as they aren’t’ HER parents…that and doesn’t get a week and a half off like IIIIIIIIIIIII do…

Sigh. This is why I need my islands lol…I swear…It is odd though to see the camping her, compared to the ‘usual’ her. Even Japan her wasn’t that great as camping her. Soon as she comes back home it’s jumping on board the selfish train of hers where nothing matters except her, not the ones she (supposedly) loves or cares about (as long as they do everything).

Funny. After all this ranting of hers about how basically everyone I like is shit, she wanted to get cuddly and snuggly and nothing happened. I was not in any mood. She was irritated at that (big surprise). She just thinks it’s just all the truth so why should I be angry or irritated or not in the mood after she spouts off her fat mouth.

Idjit. Oh and this coming weekend? I get to do another picnic! Frak me…

Oh by the way, I’m doing okay, this was for entering data more than anything else. I needed to get it down on ‘paper’. BTW I wonder what HER parents would say if they knew that she will NOT visit my parents, her in-laws for anything in the world. Not if it takes any time or effort on her part.

Blog, Weekend, Islands, Exercise in the AM

I have a bunch of thoughts I want to get out in blog format and I hope to do so today during work and so on.

The first is that I LOVE my best buddy’s assessment of the “islands of happiness”. It is SO completely true, at least for myself in my life currently.

In a short summary of the weekend, I left work super stressed out and wondering if I will have a job by the end of this week but I will go in and do my best to treat it back to normal, back to just my job, back to put in the hours, listen to the tv or music while working and talking to my friends.

The camping trip was good. A success in all aspects. I had a wife that helped, I had a wife that pitched in, took half the load like she should be and didn’t talk a negative thing about anyone in her life, my family, her coworkers, anything. IT was a island in itself…

I felt myself being very refreshed feeling not having to listen to the complaining and judgmental vampire all weekend as each day usually is filled with.

Of course we both know what comes next….the doubling down. That’s right, yesterday was the double down on the judgmental soul sucking complaining vampire. It was telling me that even if my brother was having his kid that yesterday was OUR (her) day so NO PHONE at all…I did what I usually did then. I made her do everything then. She needed me to look something up? Sorry, I don’t have my phone…and that happened probably a dozen times…I’d receive the look of ‘you know what I mean, use it for MY USE ONLY AND NOT ANYTHYING TO DOW ITH YOU OR YOUR LIFE OR FAMILY OR INTERESTS OR….’ Sigh. Idiot.

I will have more blogs to come. Fun fact for you. Doing pushups is half hilarious with a miniature schanuser nibbling and biting at you to play because he thinks that’s what you’re doing. 😊 And yay I did pushups!

Time for Breakfast!


I really don’t understand what the deal is when she really doesn’t have anything to say she’s watching videos non-stop on her computer and doesn’t seem interested in anything me the dogs or anything literally.

Is something wrong or what’s the deal. I suppose it’s just a woman being a woman and I shouldn’t ask what the problem because that means that there would be a solution and we all know that that is not allowed…

So I guess I’ll just go up to bed and see if I can watch some videos and listen to some audio and go to bed and see how tomorrow treats me. Good night

A Short One

A quickie here.

She was at home all day. I came home and first thing I ask is ‘have you fed Meemes’. The answer is ‘he won’t eat, and no I didn’t”. I immediately grab his food and put it on the couch and he starts eating.

*narrows eyes* She must have tried as hard as she does when she tries to not judge others. *rimshot*

She’s glued to her laptop watching stupid vine videos. That’s about all. She’s not hungover or tipsy or anything but just sitting there doing that. You can barely grab her attention away. I don’t get this person whatsoever.

Anyway, I bought a new tire for the truck so will be changing it now. Maybe wipe out the truck and such for the upcoming trip.

I hope I can still go or it’ll be hell to pay at home AND at work.


I also bought myself an iced coffee and a muffin on the way home. Yay ME stuff.

Also before the end of the day I was supposed to send a set for review to the Project Arch, I had all my stuff ready with me to go home so had the PDF all ready and addressed to him, and 2 partners involved in the project (of whom I’m sure he didn’t want me to send it to) and went FIRE and sent it….then ran to the truck to go home…😃

Ain’t I a stinker? – Lou Costello. 😊