Millennial? Bet Yer @$$.

So thinking about the recent happenings here, I thought I’d write a few thoughts.

Apparently I AM a millennial. Why?

Well it’s funny to hear my older coworker’s view on things and basically it’s the ‘who cares if the bosses are wrong, who cares if they are abusive verbally or morally, they are the boss and that’s how it is, and you just have to live life saying yes sir when do you want it sir until you basically have earned the right to retire.

Sure, that’s how you get 30 years in a company these days. Do whatever the bully wants. Wash their car, stay late for free, do things which they themselves wouldn’t be caught dead doing….but is that life? How do you get to the end of your life and not loathe the entire journey? I mean work itself is a huge majority of your day right?

So then my question is then why is everyone (society at large) concerned then with bullying in schools. Let the bullies bully others into fear, submission or into killing themselves. Why the hell not!? Why try to ween that out of the system when the work world is filled with these shit heads that are APPAULED when someone doesn’t put up with their bullying and leaves to go somewhere else (where the bullying takes a bit of time to start but at least there is the breather right?)…?

What happened to the term professional, or was that term coined by people that are the farthest thing from but DEMAND (bully) it out of their people in case someone makes a mistake and then have to own up to something one of their sla…employees did.



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