Interesting End of The Day

So today ended rather interesting. I was approached by not one but two of my superiors and the subject of a recent change in staff was mentioned to me and the same story was explained to me. All I thought was at least they must have had a conversation to set the story right. Whatever the story is or the real motive was isn’t up to me anyways so I move on from it.

What WAS interesting was once that was stated, a frank conversation was had about projects I’m on, things I’m waiting for, how the current shit show of a project is going and progressing or not progressing…questions of what I needed, what I have to do the job and so on. I delved into how I’m doing what I can but designing in this stage and trying to squeeze any kind of design out of people and when someone returns from their ‘vacation’ they’re on and they notice it’s not done and it’s not done perfect (and yes I used names but not in a ‘bad’ manner just in the frank conversation that he wanted to have) then I’m not one that wants to have to work nights and weekends for free due to other people not being able to design in the allotted time either prior to me receiving the project. He completely agreed and understood what I need to do my job. I can say it was a nice conversation but a conversation that was surprising to me and frankly one that would be nice to have once every oh , 6 months or so. I may not have reviews or regularly scheduled possible raises but even something like this would be an improvement over the current workplace environment of don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t know if you’re doing good or bad work at your job.

Interesting. Now time for coffee.


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