Working Shitshow

I’m still pissed about the recent let go at work. Yet then they expect everyone will just be okay with things and move on like this person didn’t matter and wasn’t railroaded from the start.

Definitely time to reassess future plans and update certain things. All of these are in progress thoughts though. Doesn’t hurt to always keep certain things updated.

Waiting for $##! to hit the fan on a project here once certain fuc…folks return to see that progress hasn’t been made due to lack of direction.  I’ll have to have my shields up to deflect any and all blame thrust upon me but at this point, what’ll it matter anyway. Either it will be done or not done and in no way will I be made to stay free time due to them SUDDENLY being able to come up with designs after chopping off the leg that was ahead of them in the design.

Geez I’m in a good mood lol….

Time for the shit show.


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