Tiredness again…

Ah…I’m sitting here at 6:05 after waking up at 5am since the PO goes to work early today. This topic is very well timed as it’s about being tired out.

Yes I’ve done a blog or 7 about the subject but since it’s my blog hell why not make an eighth?

Last night I got the 5th degree of why am I so tired? I got told that perhaps I need to go see a doctor. Of course you and I know why I’m so tired.

-The constant go go go of doing everything at home and out.

-Trying to fit in ANY me time I can so I can feel like I’m having SOME sort of my life.

-Work stressors.

-Stress of living with someone that will never turn down an opportunity to tell me why she’s better than anyone else / judges everyone else in the world as shit and then repeats it over and over. (Must be easy to be non-tired when you’re angry all the time thinking you’re the one that’s right)

-The constant taking care of both dogs, the new dog in particular since we got him in early June while she either laid passed out or just didn’t get up to let the boy out.

-The expectations of doing things for her her her her her al the time.

-Not being able to see my family due to her, due to work, due to their busy-ness and that would be a recharge.

-I guess while on the subject of recharging ones self, a topic that the PO would laugh at as being ‘namby-pamby’, that’s one of the biggest things that’s making me tired is the lack of recharging myself and my being. I do what I can at lunch times, need to do more now than ever since I kind of have fell off the wagon by just ‘wanting to get out of the office’ though for good reason (most times), I need to buckle down though and steal back me time in all areas, at work AND at home.

-We keep watching other people’s dogs which turns out okay but only after a lot of work, again, me doing most of the work and so it’s just tiring.

-The non stop picnics in order for her to not drink on weekends when she’s ‘bored’ and ‘may as well get blitzed’.

-Receiving blame for her faults such as drinking. When she did that she put herself in the same category to me as my asshole bosses. The one that does all the work gets all the blame right? Uh huh.

I mean while all of these aren’t surprising, it is a good exercise to get to write these down to see for myself.

I guess the point and result of this is that I need to steal ME time back. If it even means little bits here in the morning, after work, during work, during lunch, emailing folks I want to such as family and friends too, chatting, buying things that I like, reading comics and so on. I NEED the ME stuff to recharge and Lord knows I’m not getting any me stuff from the PO only ME ME ME stuff for her.

Yeah, this is why I’m tired. It’s not a mystery.


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