I did it!!!

I actually had a full afternoon. A full afternoon without my body fighting me (nausea, romulans etc) so that’s been a great thing!

I actually have been going on the same drawing the WHOLE afternoon since I arrived here. THAT’s amazing to me. It feels like it’s been a while, well bascailly since I did my Harley Quinn fan art.

It’s felt really nice. I have came back to the café space in the spot I’m at. First was here (at this same table), then into the library, then back here for a coffee and a Friday afternoon snack. I’ve drawn in all ‘3’ locations and that to me is enough to call it a great drawing afternoon.

Great suggestion for me to come out here!!!

It’s approaching quitting time and home time and we’ll see what home is like when I arrive.

Back to the drawing bit. I have a bit of research to do in order to draw the hands (correctly) but shouldn’t be too bad. I’m not sure if I’m going to colour it or just do some shades like a manga type drawing. Black and white with ‘textures’ or something. I’ll decide that as I go.

I’m a bit embarrassed to post any sort of drawings on my Facebook especially with coworkers being on it though today I seemed to just post a shot (though am further on it now at least) so that was a nice thing to be able to post it.

Oooh I hear thunder! After the week I’ve had, I wouldn’t mind a good thunderstorm tonight. One can hope at least for some rain and a quiet night.

Trying to not blog too much about home…it never seems to be about me and my life (or interests I should say) so why bother including it. I may colour code them or something…so like if you see ‘red’ then it’s probably whining about home…something like that? I’m not sure. At the moment I’m just happy the drawing session went so well.

I have to charge up my Surface Pro when I get home as I basically drained er.

Guess I’ll start packing up and head into the ‘unknown’.


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