Draw Damn You

Finally I’m starting to do some drawing for the day. Just more on the piece I worked on yesterday.

I have cooked a bunch of food, whether she eats it or not is the kicker. Let me explain.

Sometimes she cooks meals for us on the weekends to take the rest of the week. The meals she cooks are usually the same old meals week after week.

I USED to do ALL the cooking though it started her cooking when if I were to make things, I’d eat them, she’d find a reason to not eat them. Oh it’s not like they were bad but she just didn’t feel like or want or like it though would brag that the ‘husband’ makes meals when her coworkers hubbies do not. It’ll be another example of that I’m sure with the food I made today. I will make a couple more things tomorrow but for now I’m good.

Walking up the stairs to get up here, I thought, hey i could do more around the house, do more laundry, keep things more tidy (like project wise and pick something to sort and tidy for US) though stopped myself and had to tell myself to just sit down, put on some music and DRAW dammit…don’t ‘keep the house tidy’ when she’s out cold on the sofa from her time of the month BEER BEER BEER VODKA SPICED RUM…. no sir. I’ll just keep eating my food when I’m hungry, do bits and pieces around the house for me but not for us, and DRAW.

I know this weekend there is an ‘excuse’ for her to be sore sure, but not to be out cold. This has NOTHING to do with her woman excuse though will blame that all the way to the bank.

Enough bitching, time to draw.



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