Such a good responsible doggy mom.

So I’m upstairs doing some drawing for a while. I think to go down to check on the pups. Seymour’s eating a dryer sheet but luckily the guy isn’t a gulper but more of a pull and chew and spitter outer if he gets things (most things anyways), so I pull that away from him. Not sure where he found that but he did! So now he smells dryer fresh!

No one’s ate at all today with her around down there. She’s in the out cold and locked position on the sofa, thank goodness or our house would blow away. Funny part so I feed all of them and such. Doing a little bit of feeding myself too and Seymour gets his neck tangled in one of those ‘smartphone charger puck’ cords and freaks out and starts running which of course the thing unplugs and flies towards him making him more scared by the second lol…I laugh as this goes on and there is 2 other dogs barking full blast, Seymour smoking the table and making the charger smoke the table too and then the island and so on and I look over at motherdrunker and she’s not even stirred lol…

I did a walk through and now am upstairs again to continue drawing with a large ice cold glass of water.


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