Did Someone Say Cake?

Today’s been pretty good. Went out to the mall and went a few places, ate outside the Asian market, all was okay really.

Now I’m writing this many many HOURS after going out….sometimes I’d like to blog on the spot when I have thoughts fresh and full of items but oh well.

What I’m talking about is that I realized this morning how pissy the person I’m with really is.

She was telling me how her mother tells her about people she knew (ie friends in school, high school and beyond) that she doesn’t make an ounce of effort to contact, and their life details. So and so is getting married! So and so are having kids! So and so has a new hairstyle….yeah sometimes it’s odd…well the whole thing is odd to me, with her mother having all her daughters old friends on Facebook right??? Then it’s a reported thing back to her…and then her daughter hating hearing about any of people’s lives…so there are two levels of wrong and dysfunction….

Her mothers level and then her own not caring an ounce about anyone but herself. I know, you won’t find me surprised but just hearing how she talks about these people and then people in general and then the sheer disgust at people while we were out, basically it’s just all angry judgement statements about anyone and everyone and how they ALLLL have kids and how no one should be allowed to etc the same old shit but just the disgust she’d show on both her face as well as just statements….she even made comments in public too about people. Just a crazy person basically…someone that thinks everyone should be like she is….but then why….people want to actually be happy don’t they? Being her would not be being happy…

I always said I need to bake a cake for that guy or that girl who took THAT off the market…now I think I need to bake myself that cake.

Let’s see…right now I’m watching you tube videos while cooking for the week, laundry a going and a puppy laying on the floor tired right out. The almighty is upstairs in bed as she’s ‘tired’ out. I don’t doubt it. All that anger would tire Satan or Hitler out so makes sense.

I’m thinking a bit about work tomorrow…and how someone returns from a vacation after jamming out with regards to talking to someone about the layoff, I think that was all it was…but anyways, it’ll be interesting to see how she reacts to nothing being designed for the big scary timeline project. I know that she’ll try to pin it on me but that I’ll mention to perhaps bring the big boss in and we can continue this conversation and perhaps have a REAL conversation here. So I’m not sure what will actually go on tomorrow.

Guess I’ll continue on for the rest of the night. See ya tomorrow!


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