Well, I was going to enter this blog on the computer but it seems that my Surface is updating so a voice entry will have to do for now.

I had a pretty good sleep last night although I had certain dreams that although there were nice left me sad when I woke up.

The dreams weren’t disturbing at all in the least but we’re more telling of somebody that I’m missing already that was let go at work.

It literally was just hanging out with this person. Talking about things, laughing about things, enjoying things.. and it was nice.

It’s such a clearly humongous ginormous difference from the person who is my PO who will never get her head out of her ass long enough to have a decent interaction with anybody nor care about it..


So I guess it’ll be a while before I’m over her as a friend and as a great person to talk to with a good personality. Sure I can keep her as a friend on Facebook and I can message her and talk to her thar way but it just isnt the same, which makes sense.

And who really knows perhaps I can go play at the arcade on Friday afternoon someday and she always said that her and my (still current) other co-worker would meet me there so perhaps one day I can do that.

I was going to try and cut back on the coffees out but waking up all I thought was her telling me that its just coffee and it’s something you like right? I know this is a very strange blog but I’m going to go in to work stopping at Timmies on the way in and move on with my day.


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