Short and Sweet

Well it’s after work Tuesday.

I had a day. Not a good day, not a bad day. I must admit talking to my best bud was the part that is definitely in the good. And I should say the printer was taken back with ease so I’ll change my assessment on the day (so far) as being a good day.

I got to even catch up a bit with the coworker of late that I spoke of this morning too. That was nice.

Tonight I’m not sure what’s on the agenda though did think of a couple drawings I want to do so we’ll see if that happens. More a play on society from seeing an idiot on a bicycle in a yellow shirt…we’ll see if it plays out lol…had me laughing in my car at least, so that’s a good thing.

I’m hoping due to the convention being this weekend, the weekend will be a decent good one where I’ll see old friends and enjoy the time instead of busying myself around the house while someone’s out cold. I must tell myself to look forward to it. IT should be a good time.

Not much else for now.

Have a good night!



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