Animethon 24 Day 1

Another Anime convention started. 😊

I think this is the 8th or 9th I’ve been to so far? (I put ‘we’ but then deleted it…who cares about ‘we’, I’m talking me here!)

It’s been nice to see old friends, ones we should keep in touch with more though that’s not through my fault or error. I text and email here and there though haven’t done it in a while but again, remember, these are HERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR friends right?

I think I’ll make a point to keep in contact more. Maybe set reminders too. At least we have good talks and not about ‘stupid’ coworkers or other such topics.

It was funny when the question came up of when are you guys going to come out to visit!!!?? I looked right at the PO and said “well it’s up to her”, she then fumbled and said ‘well I think Jesse will be going out one of these days to visit his parents”…the friend moved on. Sad that the PO doesn’t know what it’s like to BE a friend to someone.


Whenever I go in the section called ‘artists alley’ I think “wow these people are neat. They make their own drawings, buttons, creations and so on, even if it’s fan art most times, and set up and sell these creations.” And think and wonder would this be me in another life? Cool either way though. Happy I’ve been drawing more this year than the past previous ones though and hope the trend continues too.

I bought a few things today too. Buttons from a series from years back, two stickers which now adorn the back of the very tablet I’m typing this up on, a deck of cards from my favorite anime series and a folder from another. I can use this folder at work 😉.

I had a pretty decent day though so that’s nice. Tonight I think will be relaxing and then tomorrow we go for a full day.



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