Thursday Rambles

Ah. Some good tidying up done here tonight. Just things that help my restless mind find a bit of order and not for the wife but for myself. She’s sat angry-faced with beer all evening ranting and beaking about people with kids. Tried relating her ranting to my family and I didn’t have any of it. Juts dismissed it as ‘they’re making things work and I think that’s awesome!’. More beer, more rant.

I tried eating soft taco supreme’s in a dark car on the drive home. This is why my winter jacket is in the washing machine lol…it was EVERYWHERE….lol. Glad I carry a tissue box in the car at all times lol…

Tomorrow I get to pick up some clothes from the mall and of course I get the afternoon to do drawing and coffees with myself and just a nice break to have before the weekend.

This weekend is our office party. It’ll be good to get this over with. Both as a worker and as a husband to a wife that wants to do anything / everything to stop me from going each time.

Not a lot else to report…


Family Concern, Pressure and Angries

Ah Blogs.

Sometimes I find it’s the best way to wake me up for the day.

Sipping my coffee and sitting at my desk while the sun comes up. So far the days’ been okay. So far…

Last night I found myself thinking about this year’s events and how I’m looking at them as hurdles. The soonest hurdle is attending my work’s office Christmas party. They always have it in the new year as management goes to visit family in Europe during the last part of December. I’m still standing with a wall of ‘I’m going’ when I get asked and prodded at home since she doesn’t’ want me to go. She’d rather me lose my job and have to go on a job hunt, be financially stressed and otherwise stressed just in order that I don’t go (and she gets her way). And after last year yes it’s an employment requirement to attend the party so there is no ditching short of a flu or broken leg.

I get asked yesterday if she’s coming and I say nope. I’m sure I’ll get asked more again by the other 8 bosses (office space reference) why not. My response will be though “hey I can’t even get her to go with me to my own brother’s upcoming wedding” which of course sparked more thoughts on things. More thoughts that kept me awake throughout the night last night.

Got email from mom about things. I guess Dad’s having an increasingly difficult time with his tinnitus and anxiety and keeping himself calm and in check which isn’t a good thing either so am worried about him. Also now the aforementioned brother is putting the pressure on (or his fiancée is) for my parents to make a big speech at their wedding ‘welcoming her into the family’ which they aren’t looking forward to (the speech) as they aren’t outspoken loudmouth schnooks. Ugh. Just ugh. I want to think if I can do anything for my parents. Can I send them some sort of box of stuff? Something to think about for sure.

Last night was another night of listening to someone tell me how my brother and gf should have made different decisions and on and on and on and on and all I kept saying (until she quit) was that I’m PROUD of my brother and his girlfriend for how they are handling things. How it’s very mature, very adult and again that I’m proud. That would enrage the wife but was worth it I’d say. That’s one thing. I’m not ever going to not say my opinion especially when it comes to family when she’s off on some angry rant. And if it makes her angrier? So what? It’s like screaming during a hurricane.

Guess I should get my butt to work…

Week 2 In Reivew

So this was week 2 of 2018. The week at work wasn’t so bad. I went out on site in -30 weather to measure things to get some detailing straight for a project. I took my times, had my coffee times for me during and during the rest of the week as well whether it was on the way home from work or before work. One of my coworkers bought me a coffee the one morning so that was nice too.

On the drawing front, I really DID seemingly put a lot of time in. I’m unsure if I missed a day or not but there were multiple days of more than an hour at a time and in one case on Friday it was more than a couple hours too. It’s been great to just keep going on it. I hope to continue this as well.

I ate better this last week than most so that was a helpful thing too. I felt better I found so hope to keep something like that going again for the upcoming week.

I should clarify that the blog I wrote last night (or 12am) about the wife slipping back to the booze wasn’t even due to her having those couple of beer and a half mickey (as I’m not the alcohol police) but was due to the realization of her being OUT and the followed panic / whine / irritation that she didn’t have any more to drink (though suspect she probably did whatever she could to find ANYTHING to drink here including her dad’s wine. She also WAS looking up if there were delivery services for booze but not sure if that ever bore fruit or not. She’s still out cold sleeping though so she HAD to get something more in her to still be out cold and not stirring when I’m up and moving around.

I’m downstairs having a coffee and once she does wake up, I get to put on the leather glove, catch a Degu and give it some medicine. Went to the vet yesterday for him. He is a bugger to catch and does like to bite.

Other than that today? Laundry and maybe some veggie shopping.

12 Days… and then there was 13

Ladies and gentlemen we proudly thank you for flying sober air and we please ask that you return your tray tables to their upright and locked positions and prepare for descent into drunk town population 1.

She bought 2 large beer and a half mickey tonight after a ‘rough day.’ Mia being tired out, I got up and took the older dog up to the bedroom to go to sleep. She remarked that she had wished that she had bought more alcohol tonight and was hinting. I said well good night and I went up to bed. 


Friday Rambles – She’s Hot

Almost my drawing time!!! I AM VERY EXCITE!! (As Borat would say).

I should be able to finish (or very nearly) the volleyball girl drawing I’ve been working on relentlessly this past week. In my searching for reference photos, I stumbled on one particularly lovely volleyball lady from Japan who struck me as ‘whoa’ pretty lady! I wasn’t looking for ‘gorgeous’ girls of volleyball but there she was nonetheless. (Shiho Yoshimura)

Makes me think though of how the recent backlash of the movement against men is going on and how the ‘feminists’ involved would see me commenting on how gorgeous this woman really is.

Oh the world just looooves this unfair standard that is set up my men blah blah blah…did you look at her? What’s gorgeous about her? Is it to do with double dees, or implanted butt cheeks? The thing they don’t understand is that perhaps men go for the pretty ones due to the fact that they see them off the couch and doing something (NOT DRESSED IN PYJAMAS OR SWEATPANTS ALL THE EFFING TIME….I SWEAR), being involved in something, and trying at something. SMILING at something besides other people’s discomfort. Basically being a (seemingly) happy person just make a person shine. Oh sure this person could be a horrible person too but I have way of knowing.

In conclusion, I’ll continue (as most men will) to use the exterior shot of a lovely smiling happy gorgeous woman who takes care of herself as a basis of ‘what’s hot’ and the women that feel they can’t measure up to an in-attainable standard perpetuated my males can just continue to live their frumpy out of shape, angry, sad, always a victim…..lives.

Don’t get me wrong, there ARE unattainable standards such as in magazines and so on but come on ladies, they go both ways. Fitness models and movie stars are just that…they look like that for their job. Get over it.

Holy Schmoley it’s Thursday Already!

It feels like it’s been a while since I blogged. It’s probably been like 8 minutes….

This morning I woke up at 330am to a wife telling me that it sounds like the dogs need let out. Thankfully I have the lazy alarm laying beside me to alert me to do that nightly. *narrows eyes*

She had to go into work early today, for 6am so the alarm set for 5am went off as I laid awake still from 330am. Coffee is now and shall forever be… friend.

I have been really good lately working on my art when I can. I can do better though. I can ALWAYS do better. Those times when the wife’s watching garbage TV and I sit there lazily myself to partake in the wasting of time that these shows prove to be, I can open the tablet and work on my art. I did that last night! Also since I was up early this morning, and after she left for work there I was. At the island in the kitchen, coffee in hand, YouTube videos’ playing in the background and me drawing. 😊

I’m looking forward to working on the drawing further at lunch. Another 30 mins or so will be had 😊.

Let’s see what else is new….I ordered some comics online (digital) through the Comixology service so have a back log of them to read. Star Trek Discovery is new again and the last episode was real good. Think that Frakes directing it had a part. Always beautiful episodes when he directed them. My anime about biking is new again so have to catch up on that episode as well.

Tonight it looks like I may be able to do MORE drawing as the wife wants to go to bed early early EARLY tonight…I won’t join her that early as I will just wake up at 3am again and just be laying there…not a good use of my time.

That’s all I have for now…