What you want a cookie?

Well last night I arrived home after doing a bunch of running around to find that she actually did some stuff around the house as far as cleaning wise goes.

She kept looking for validation and extreme thank yous from my side, telling me all of the stuff that she did before I got home and expecting I don’t know what.
You want praise for cleaning for the first time in probably a year? I just think of Chris Rock’s phrase from one of his comedy acts

“What do you want a cookie?”

I said the mandatory thank you for doing this, but that’s about all that I gave her. After so much soul sucking on a nightly basis and insulting every other person known to man and woman, I just didn’t have the energy to give a s***. Now if she keeps it up and actually pulls her weight around the house and cleans on a regular basis instead of just laying everything where it falls on the floor or counter… It would be a different story. Just like her walking on a treadmill and watching her calories right now, only time will tell if this is just an act or if it’s a change in lifestyle which I highly doubt.

This morning at least I got some drawing in as she had to go in an hour early so that meant that we were both up an hour earlier this morning. Now I think I will head into work and grab a coffee and see what I can get done today.


Googily Moogily..I’m Tired!

So the day has continued the way it was going. She went to bed, she did however play video games while boozing so at least she was upright (somewhat) and so I chatted with my brother and enjoyed some internet in the office at my computer. It was good! I’ve had a decent night where I’ve done the above, also booked the next 14 days on the trip, and got a STEAL on the hotel at $115 a night. Hard time to find one HERE for that price. So glad I found that one.

I think I better go to bed though…eyes are droopy…at least I’ll go have a nice quiet shower and get into bed and I can drift off with the knowledge that today wasn’t that bad for me.

Tomorrow will be some yard stuff, laundry and being an adult somewhat :).

Night all!


So today was a pretty okay day for a weekend in the household here. So far at least. The wife is taking the quick slide into PTFO land but for now is playing video games while drinking. Hey at least she’s doing SOMETHING….and it’s not stealing MY time or soul by telling me how horrible and irresponsible people are in life…

This morning we woke up, I picked up breakfast as I had run out of coffee grounds here (which I remedied later in the morning at the grocery store). Afterward we went out to pick up some shoes for her as her running shoes have had it. Afterward it was a bit of just hang out around home, go to Lowe’s and pick up a couple things and not a lot else. I did some sketching and watching some videos.

Tonight I went to buy a small animal fence to attach to the other one we have in order to keep the pups out of the garden. I bought myself a McFlurry and now am so full and sweeted out but I don’t regret it. It was a treat for me.

I will now browse more hotels for the upcoming go hella into debt trip.

That’s about all I got for now.



Accountability of Me

Well I did it. I ordered the new tablet and it shall get here in about a week. Yes I can wait.

Thinking of the whole evening last night more as I drove around today delivering things for work, plus my best buddy’s assessment and opinion, and my own agreement to everything, I just did it. I don’t feel a bit bad or a bit sheepish or a bit well…anything bad.

We will be taking the pets to the vet tomorrow to blow more cash needlessly (not that pets are needless but when she figures that something that was nothing to be concerned about again is brought up and the appointment booked for the vet to yet again, tell us that it’s nothing at probably a charge of 350 bucks due to her probably wanting to get an x-ray and whatever else)…the items for the upcoming expensive trip are piling up more and more as she justifies things with abandon, my debt climbing more and more, her savings climbing more and more…I figured screw it. Much like politicians that shove things into big onerous legislation packages, I did the same thing. She doesn’t care how much debt I have anyway right? So why should I care what she thinks of my situation.

I will however do certain things in the accountability of ME vein of things. I WILL make coffee at home more. I WILL pare down things I don’t need to buy and don’t need to eat (out of stress eating) though keeping in mind that there are times when I NEED to eat 6 cherry strudels in my car on the way home before the evening erupts.

I think I want to take this view moving forward, the accountability of me view. I ONLY have to be accountable to me and only me. My morals, MY convictions and MY people.

Not a very long blog but felt good to get down.

Tablet Thoughts

Man was I ticked last night. Not only with the crap mentioned in the blogs prior, but I was working away doodling on my tablet, the older one that I used during my lunch hour yesterday (and enjoyed) and suddenly, the software updated, and it will not start now. The software, not the tablet. Just as I was working away it blinked out.

Now begins my explanation of why I was using that tablet as opposed to my Surface Pro which I usually use.

The note had better palm rejection. The note had a better ‘pencil’ feel after using the Surface Pro. It almost had an IPAD feel and I thought heyyyyy I can maybe do this without crossing the apple line.

Why would I even think of apple? What has been apparent to me from drawing on my Surface Pro is that the battery life isn’t that wonderful for one. The note at least would last quite a bit longer due to it not being a full fledged PC. The note was and is basically an internet tablet with a pressure sensitive stylus. I enjoyed taking it around at lunch yesterday with me and even at home on the sofa while she ranted and bitched the night away, I could sketch and my hand wasn’t getting sore, the tablet wasn’t getting hot, and due to the slightly smaller size of the 10.1 vs the 12.2 inches, it was easier to hold as well.

I’m looking at maybe instead of an apple IPAD since I still don’t like that line, maybe the newer model of Samsung with the Stylus. Sure they are roughly the same price, and I’d have to hide it once again from certain loudmouths (then how can you use it at home in front of her, I wouldn’t, I’d just work on the cloud file on the Surface when home) but hey I’ve done that successfully for like 4 years now?

Just some techie thoughts.

Now back to regularly schedule work garbage 😃.

Same-old Ranty S***

Well it’s almost time to go into work here and I thought I would dictate a couple of thoughts.

The wife has already left for work. She has a seminar at a hotel to do with good management practices for everybody to learn from and to use in daily life.

We all know that she isn’t going to use any tips or tricks or ways to manage anything and all she will do is come home and b**** about how it was useless and then carry on living the same old s*** way.

Last night was another night where my soul got sucked out through my ears, it was a night that I wish that I was actually deaf.

It was drink after drink, beer after beer, and the ranting and the raving and the rage kept fueling itself from the time that I arrive home until the time that we went to bed.

She bitched about everybody that she knows nothing about, to people that she’s judging from work, to the neighbors, to my brothers, to my parents, any friend that I have ever had, and so on and so on and so on.

I tell you I thought the meeting at work was long yesterday afternoon… that was nothing Sam.

And this morning as usual after a night of drinking her face off and angrily ranting, she left reeking of booze to this conference. Wouldn’t it be nice if she got a DUI on the way in?

I guess I don’t really have anything else to say except that I’m going to grab a breakfast and a giant coffee of bliss on the way in to work this morning.

I tell you one thing that she helps with in my life… She helps make the assholes at work look like itsy bitsy teeny little babies that I can easily easily deal with.