Why I’m Flattered…

After continual ranting about her coworkers and how they are such stupid people including the people they are married to, I recieved a text with what she thinks is a compliment?

“After being around so much stupid, i glad I have you”…

Be still my heart thats just bursting forth with romantical feelings…



Sunday Morning

So Sunday morning has started out with me doing laundry, me making videos and uploading a couple to the YouTube, me watching and palling with the doggies, me doing dishes, me making breakfast and drinking a couple coffees while watching some videos.

Funny that the only thing missing is the wife. She’s in bed still. It’s nearly 11pm and not long she’ll get up and start ranting once again about how everyone in the world is an idiot and how she wishes she could ‘help out’ today with things but gosh darnit, time o the month. Perhaps I won’t do the garden today either then (maybe I will wait until we are BOTH well enough? Hrmmm? I’m sure that if I do that though, she’ll put it off put it off and put it off some more until it’s too late and then blame the only person in the room, this guy, for wasting her hard earned efforts with the garden this year…she helped plant…nothing else….yeah YOUR garden…riiiiiiiiiiiiiight.)

I find myself being not surprised by the same behaviour that I’m used to with her. I’m just tired out from the same behaviour. I don’t ‘think’ she’ll get sloshed tonight but wouldn’t be surprised if she does.

Anyway, here is a hidden sketch done very sloppily…:)



Don’t Worry, I Don’t Believe it Either.

Well it’s 7:35pm and I’m hearing ‘i love you’ every 2 minutes as she passes out and wakes up again. Her excuse for things this weekend is that she has her ‘feminine’ time. So convenient to have everything as excuses. Sucks to be a man eh?

Tomorrow we’ll be clearing out the garden…yes WE WILL…uh huh. Don’t worry, I don’t believe it either.

Tonight it was a McDonald’s supper. I took the old pup for the ride and he enjoyed that.

I suspected that someone had more than just a few beer as when I returned from going out the time before suddenly someone starts talking more dirty about tmi things. I checked her account while on my Surface over here and indeed I was right…there have been multiple purchases lately after she leaves work the hour or two early she does since altering her work week ‘for the puppy’ (so the pup would have less time to have to hold it…) but don’t worry, I don’t believe THAT either.

I’ve done a few cleaning things today, not doing a ton as it’s just me doing the cleaning while she sits there while sober talking shit about her coworkers and others, or drinks and gets tipsier and tipsier thus transitioning to dirty talk and the ‘i love yous’ every two minutes. All while sitting on the ass and watching boring TV. She is very close to PTFO for the night though. May it speed up and free me from being irritated from it.

Don’t worry though, I’m good. I have had an enjoyable day albeit it what I’ve done and what I’ve put up with. Time to do more drawing (and have me a coffee!)

The Saturday Blog

Here I am on the Saturday. Listening to you know who yap and yap and yap….while watching her garbage. I’m at the end of the kitchen table with my Surface and about to go out for a short walk to check the mail and perhaps stop at the close convenience store to grab an ice cream sandwich.

I went out for a bit earlier to the Asian market and to gas up ‘her’ car as she’s crippled right?

I did have an interesting run in with a guy who approached me once I was done pumping the gas asking “excuse me sir can you help….” Before he finished I said a firm “No.” and he immediately got pissed (‘I’m used to people trying to bum off others) and raised his voice saying “why not!?!?! I’M SO F**KING FRUSTRATED!!!!” I go “well what do you want then?” he answers “I WANT MONEY!!!!” and so I looked the guy right in the eye and with raised voice also (equally raised), I said “Hey buddy, I get to work for ASSHOLES EVERY SINGLE DAY”…that seemed to suffice…I was ready to talk more with the fella but he went onto his next target.

I think when I come back from the walk to get the mail and the ice cream, that I’ll continue drawing with headphones on (or at least one in, just like at work) and just enjoy the day.

Waves to best buddy*

It’s always a good thing if I’m giggling while drawing….

I’ve almost done my time in the coffee shop here today. It’s been a couple hours so far, and though I can probably do more I think I’ve had a good run today. Doesn’t mean I won’t pick up the tablet tonight once I’m all charged up once again.

I am enjoying trying to draw dudes celebrating seeing the giant chickie poo bashing her way towards them (probably to kill them) which is I’m sure the reaction would be. Much like Fry and Zap on the Amazonian planet when mentioning death by snu snu. Too funny lol…

I may go to Best Buy as I usually do on the Friday just to browse. Lord knows I don’t need anything….not with all the gadgets I currently have.

I think tonight we’re going to try a diner across the river that has an Archie themed evening tonight…though may be based off the TV show drama…so may not stop either…depends what it’s like. I think after that it’s just home to watch a movie.

That’s all for now campers!

Almost MY Day….


Hope my buddy is doing well on his trip!!

It’s almost lunchtime and I have no plans as of yet besides to find somewhere this aft, draw and drink something, and then go pick up the dog to bring him home from pup-daycare.

I have my tablet charged and ready to go too. Was on site this morning a bit to do a few things and had to bring the pup into the office with me as I forgot a few things. He went up to a couple co-workers and they got to pet him and then I was on my way to drop him off.

This weekend looks like a work one. No not work work one but homework one. Meaning some yard stuff (landmine picking, carrot picking and washing and lawn cutting for the winter. Also have to give the old dog a haircut probably Sunday. Here’s hoping someone doesn’t fall into her ‘vertigo ways’ and actually helps me do the not so fun part of washing carrots. I don’t feel like taking it all again like the last time. I won’t hold my breath though.

I think today will be just sketching on current projects with headphones in. Should go pretty good. May even go to the library to sketch though on second thought I’ll probably stick around here as its closer to the pup daycare. Means coffee shops close to here. May go to the mall for the lunch hour too for some wandering, eating and people watching. Never a bad thing especially at lunch. Seems to be better ‘scenery’ then.

I get to also cancel the pup’s dental appointment as we’re switching it to the vet clinic we regularly go to instead as they were much better at supplying information and facts than the other place which kind of has a ‘contractor’ type of feel to it and aren’t as reachable. Yes IIIIII get to. Big surprise. Nothing like not having to deal with all aspects of life hey wifey? Yeah, just keep in your bubble where you’re right and never offend anyone (while stating you hate everyone).

Oh well. That’s why I’m a man.


Theme of Me.

*waves to best bud*

Another thing in the theme of ME. At work I cleaned the desk behind me since it’s been vacant forever. There is a chair in the space and the table is wide open as there is no computer there. Well now it’s going to be dubbed MY DRAWING SPACE during lunch. I have an overhead light set up as well as my tablets on the table both charging. See how long before someone comments on it. Watch as I do not care :D.

Whoop Whoop!