Christmas Journey Home for the Holidays – 2017

My ‘weekend’ was pretty darn nice. I call it a weekend as it felt like one although it was Wed through Friday.

I left early morning on Wednesday. Arrived in my hometown around 2pm. It was nice to get to my parents place.

It always feels a bit odd when I’m by myself travelling. I mean it’s preferable over a travelling companion whom is a negative Nancy that’s for sure. TI he farther I was from home, the better I felt about it. Just a change in the usual.

I found out my dad’s going through a lot of mental stuff right now with a shitty doctor (not HIS doctor but another physician) giving him a permanent sentence of you will probably go deaf and or have this ringing in your ears forever. That threw him right into anxiety and depression that he hasn’t experienced for YEARS so was a bit more unhinged and I don’t blame him. That’s horrible for a ‘care giver’ to say. It threw me back to the time I went into see an ear nose and throat doctor about my snoring and was basically laughed at and told scoffingly by the 5’3” tall ‘doctor’ that since I was born with not as much ‘chin’ as he was (dudly doo right chin) that there was nothing I could do and so would have to live with it for the rest of my life. I should have at the time, said ‘oh well at least I was born not being an ASSHOLE…but of course didn’t think of that at the time as you think when you go see a doctor, they will be human about things right? I guess part of being human can be being a big asshole too. Must be due to his stature that he had to throw out the insults. Jackass.

Where was I…oh yes. So it was a bit different to see Dad like that though I visited and enjoyed and talked about it and he seemed to be a bit more calm after with me there as I was just someone to talk to about it and more importantly, listened to him.

It was a ‘weekend’ of seeing my parents and enjoying the visit but also seeing my parents in a different light. With Dad like that and then Mom being nervous as heck to visit her parents with all of us (they were not the best parents to her, not abusive by any means but there has always been guilt and anger about them) and started freaking out and running around the house wondering if ‘this’ or ‘that’ would be good enough and so I was there to be the mediator to say “it doesn’t’ matter, the fact that we’ll all show up will be enough, and if its’ not enough for them? F**k them then. Who cares.

So driving down a half hour out of town to visit them was okay. We got there and my other brothers (and their girlfriends) got there and it was a decent visit. We all went to the town pub to have a bit of supper before we all headed back into town to my parents place.

The rest of the evening was good. Visiting and talking and such. Great to meet my cutie niece. SO GOOD to see how my brother is the proud papa and taking care of things and helping out big time with the kid. His girlfriend is great too. Very easy going and happy.

The next day I met a friend for lunch after mall walking with Dad down town. I like doing that. It’s a good place to talk while walking and also get a bit of people watching in.

After lunch I returned to my parents place and all of us brothers and the girlfriends were playing on the Japanese Super Nintendo I brought home. That and visiting and food and baking and coffee and so on.

Supper was great, gift exchange was fun and we wore the night out until about 1am where myself, one brother and his fiancée and my mom were up playing a word game where you describe the phrase and the other person has to guess what the phrase is. At one point thanks to my brohter’s bluntness I was dyyyyyying on the floor laughing. So much so that I couldn’t hold in the gas I was storing…which of course erputed everyone in laughter so everyone was crying they were laughing so hard. A really good feeling to laugh that much. Must make sure to do that more often in life.

Yesterday we all met in the later morning for breakfast at my parents place and it was lovely. Ate a good meal, I didn’t rush to get things packed in the truck but eventually did get everything packed and headed on the road for the 6 hour drive ahead. It was so cold. Still is. Minus 35 last night. Glad I had the big truck as it’s rough on a vehicle…at least the engine is big enough to generate a good amount of heat but even with that, the engine still sounded like garbage. Guess my brother’s car broke down on the highway heading back on their 2.5 hour drive but his fiancée’s brother could pick them up. Hope the car’s okay too and glad they are for sure.

It was a fantastic time and I have thought of a few things for the new year. Now I have to figure out how I want to express them so that will be the next blog.

Right now I’m sitting up with the pups in the living room while someone is upstairs still asleep. I’m watching the Will Smith movie Bright. It’s good so far!

That’s all I got for now. Happy New Year everyone!


I arrived back to find…

I’m sitting at the kitchen table eating a small bowl of cereal before I hit the hay. I will have a much wanted shower before bed after the 6 hours of driving I did today.

I arrived back to someone who had yet again gotten plastered while home with the dogs. No messes at least. They must have bugged her enough to let them out.

Good dogs!

I have a couple blogs I do want to write still but won’t do it tonight as I’m just too tired. One blog will be about the trip. Another will be about the upcoming year and thoughts on it.

I do have one thing from my ‘improvements’ for myself for 2018. Stop saying “I can’t believe she’d…” to myself. Stop it. Believe it. She will keep going down her dark path. Believe it. Don’t worry about it. Worry about yourself I will say to myself.

I guess her mother called today. The reason I knew she was consuming was there was a surprising amount of quiet. No non stop texts about things. Anyway her mother called and I guess the wife got irritated when she asked her why she sounded so ‘dopey’ and ‘out of sorts’. Just say it MIL, she drunk! She drunk again! You guys saw it when you were here! She has a problem! Drunk Drunk Drunk.

*rolls eyes*

A good thing is I will hop in the shower, then into bed and have my shows at my side (on my phone) that I can watch until I drift off to sleep. Should be a nice ending to a decent day for me.


This isn’t a very long blog entry.

I’ve had a good time out here. One that will return to normalcy tomorrow whatever that will mean…

I have a new year blog to still write and I’m hoping to get to that tomorrow evening.

On the drive out here I thought of one area in which I want to do some changing starting this year.

I haven’t thought of much else though so hopefully the long drive will assist in that.

I’m too tired to think of anything more so I will bid you a good night..

Bah Humbug

There’s nothing that says the Christmas spirit more than a selfish daughter getting pissed off at her father for accidentally putting knife in the knife holder wrong and cracking the knife holder that is made out of wood.

It was a simple honest mistake that anybody could have made but since mistakes are imperfection to someone that is perceivably perfect in her own eyes it is an atrocity equal to a holocaust.

Miserable Scrooge…

You are my wife.

Merry What?

So I think the year rounded itself out today when with her parents staying here, though out at the time of mass consumption, she downed nearly a whole 750ml of whisky and nothing but beer after the rest of the day.

Her parents never said anything but I could tell they noticed something going on.  It was interesting hearing her repeat the same stuff 5 mins later with them in the same room. They’d just go about their business and answer some things from her rambles. 

It was only her parents and I at the kitchen table for supper tonight as she chose to lay on the floor in front of the fireplace with her beer.

I tell ya it hasn’t been a depressing one but more of a holy moley popcorn eating while this train wreck goes on moment.

Oh well. Now we wait for Santa. Lets see how the rest of this train wreck goes lol.

This Could Be Interesting

This could get REALLY interesting.

I went downstairs from up in the office where I completed my wrapping and such and found the wife, HAMMERED and laying on the floor having trouble staying awake.

Her parents are out for now but WILL be back. They haven’t seen her like this YET and have no idea (maybe) that this goes on. How will they react? Will they notice or will they just go about their business and ‘assume’ she’s just tired (and slurring her words) lol..

This could be an interesting Christmas.

Called my parents and spoke to mom too. That was nice. Dad’s sick right now but hoping that it clears up by the time I go there. Apparently too he’s fighting a new diagnosis of Tinnitus too and it’s driving him a bit mad and making him extremely anxious if he’ll have this permanently or what… so mom’s trying to find a group he can go talk to. I hope he can find one that is local and not just go into online ones as online is cruel and full of assholes possibly….in person group therapy would be way better.

Guess I’ll just continue about my business here and wait to see if any drunk shit will hit the fan here.


Afternoon of Christmas Eve

Here it’s been a couple of comfortable days here away from work. Most things have went pretty good and the in laws have been a pleasant break from the you know who.

Speaking of you know who, in the progression of things as mentioned in my last blog with regards to her, the latest ‘new low’ has been soon as her parents either went to bed, OR went out for a bit as they did this afternoon, down goes the hard liquor. Down and down and down it goes and up and up and up starts the rambling and ranting about others.

Hopefully they get to see this when they come back. I’m sure they won’t ‘notice’ anything and life will go on as it has.

I’ve wrapped the gifts today finally, every one of them, to take home when I go for a couple days. That’s been a nice thing. I CAN NOT WAIT to get on the road. Just me, the truck the road and my smartphone. I think I’ll do a bit of vlogging perhaps this year. I wanted to last year but it just didn’t happen. So hopefully this year it will.

Tonight’s plans here are to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and eat appetizers. Not a lot else though.

I hope everyone’s enjoying their time!