Twenty Seventeen

This year seems to be turning out like last year was though without the surprises. For those of you that know me I’ll say it has to do with b to the ooze. That’s all I’ll say about that.

I’m currently upstairs at my computer, my headaches from the day are finally gone and I am thinking about taking our pup for a car ride to get me some coffee for my Saturday evening. I’m feeling good and unlike last year I think I’m able to move forward and find that I’m a lot less filled with concern and more thinking what can I do with this gift of time.

I am looking forward to February and getting back to my drawing.

I did a bunch of video editing tonight with one trip video and I think all that’s left to do is MAYBE record some voice over and toss in some royalty free music and then it should be ready for production. I keep trying to tell myself, "Finished Not Perfect" *thank you Jake Parker* with the video editing (as I have to try to do with drawing too.

I had thought that I need to buy a snowball mic or something for the voice over but think hey, why bother. I can use my ‘headphone mic’ on my smartphone and it should be good enough. I’m not going for any type of award lol….just getting video done is good.

Time for fresh air.

Evening of Party

Last night was the night of a party that I attended.

It was nice to see some folks and talk to them as I would any ordinary day at work.  That was a nice part.

The part and reason that I don’t enjoy these events as much as I probably should, is simply due to the work life balance bit of it all.

Perhaps I’m also a bit more demanding of the ‘MY TIME’ bit of it too being with a partner, and trying to carve out my interests in times where things need taking care of as well.  I go to work regularly and am doing my best work for them each and every day no matter if things are said to me that I know are simply ‘motivating’ tactics, I do really try hard and figure that since I DO try hard at work that at home, or away from work, after 5pm, time is for my life and not to be taken up by more work events.

It’s tough to articulate that to them when they’re seeing it as offensive for not wanting to take an evening out of your life away from work to virtually be with the people you’re with 9 hours every day as it is (besides weekends) so I just toughed it out as best as I can but do have a splitting headache for being out so late and not sleeping too well.  I got home around 12:30am and hit the shower and went straight off to bed.  Today I’m still full of headaches and tired right out.

Did I enjoy myself? I enjoyed the people that I usually enjoy at work plus got to meet a few unknown faces so that was not a bad thing. I had a free meal, hell people sometimes don’t get to eat some days…and I ended up winning a $100 gift card to a local mall…so I AM blessed but yeah…since it’s a mandatory thing, I will be showing up each season for it sure. I will do my best to have fun and enjoy things.

The last part of this is the question of will I force my significant other to attend?  The answer is a resounding no.  Why?  As I stated earlier too, it’s a work life balance right?  This is part of my life balance away from work and if it causes too much trouble to ‘force’ someone to go that doesn’t want to, I’m not going to make my life more difficult at home just to please others.  After all, it is I that works for the said place and not my significant other.  She has her own workplace fun to deal with on a daily / yearly basis.

You’ll Never Win

In life and in work, sometimes you’re in a position known in Star Trek lore as the “Kobayashi Maru.”

The Kobayashi Maru is a training exercise designed to test the character of Starfleet Academy cadets in a no-win scenario. The Kobayashi Maru is a test of one’s character or a solution that involves redefining the problem.

Sometimes you can fight and try to find a way to win but in some instances (and workplaces, and job types) it’s utterly impossible.

I’m happy that I am in the know as far as one of my favorite TV series goes and can take lessons from them such as for the unwinnable situation. It allows me to sit back, possibly cheat to get things done that I need to, and not care so much about the outcome and not think that you HAVE to win. When you think that you HAVE to win, you’ve already set yourself up to lose.

Over the many years working in a certain field, I’ve seen more Kobayashi Maru’s than I can count and the lesson they taught me is this. Do a good job, do what you can, that’s all you can do and if someone or higher ups aren’t cooperative, still do what they say, wait until it fails, have your explanation ready, know they won’t accept it and will still blame you, take a sip of your favorite tea or coffee and move on without shame, pain or concern.

It’s Choice, It’s Not Bad Luck

Some folks go through life thinking “aww shucks it’s just my bad luck…AGAIN! I can’t seem to get a break!”.  Now to those that have things happen that are out of their control and seem to railroad their lives off a cliff, I’m truly understanding, REALLY!  Those who like to use ‘bad luck’ as their excuse to not change a thing however are the ones that are truly annoying to me.  “If only THIS didn’t happen I would be…” and other statements like that are seemingly only said once the next ‘crisis’ happens that ‘stops’ them from doing something they had no plans of ever doing in the first place.

If it’s the gym, if it’s a change in scenery or no matter what it is, if it’s being used as a reason to stay the exact same and not have to change? Wake up and realize that you’re just making excuses.

It’s choice.

Weekend Summary – Not A Bad One For Me

I  know I’m going blog-crazy with this new blog but that’s okay.  I’m sure I won’t write as much as I have so far going forward.

I wanted this weekend to be productive at least with myself where I’m not just sitting around and watching boring TV all weeeknd.  Now to be fair during the week last week I was doing just that and I got fed up with myself.  Moving forward to this past weekend I ended up doing things, many things and enjoying the days away from work.

I made some food, I did some video game playing, some YouTube watching, some drawing, some personal things like getting my haircut and having a few out of the house coffee runs.  It was GOOD!

May this be the pattern going forward too instead of being pulled in by others to sit and watch boring TV all day (or sleep all day, take your pick). IT just feels like I’m just waiting to die if I just sit around.  Dramatic?  Sure but maybe it’s my feeling that I need to be creative somehow that’s driving me away from just wasting time just because.



A Mini Blog – Fried Rice and Enjoyment

Supper was GREAT! I ended up making some pork fried rice with a packet of spices from the Asian market. I cooked little squares of pork and set them aside, then cooked chopped up veggies, onions, carrots , broccoli stocks and peppers and had the white rice cooking at the same time.  I started 2 eggs by mixing them and then pouring them into the pan.  After that I added the rice and the veggies and meat and stirred in everything including the sauce packet and voila it was DELICIOUS. Into the fridge a few containers of it go.

With all the clinking and clanking there was not one stir from the sleeping one on the sofa.

Thankfully I’m enjoying my Saturday. I’m sipping a matcha green tea latte I made for myself with some packets and steamed milk.

Now to read my Star Trek Boldly Go comic. 🙂