Weekend Update

Well it’s about time I did a blog.

It’s Sunday currently and am a bit sore from two days of ‘beach body workout’ stuff. Yeah she actully did it two days in a row.

To be honest yesterday was an okay day too though. No boozing, went out and did some yard stuff together, did other stuff together, watched some shows and so on together. Sure okay fine. I know it’s something that will have both shoes drop and things go back to how they ‘normally’ are with me being the only conscious person.

Why would I be excited about a ‘better lifestyle’ though when I’m just waiting for the failure on her part (and blame on mine). Yesterday was truly an okay weekend day and if she acted like that most of the time, most times would be decent.

Today she’s on a bitch path due to her having to go to work tomorrow. She’s bitching about all the usual things….the planet, and I’m just doing stuff to get the house ready for the week. Think i’ll take the Meemer for a car ride and grab a coffee and perhaps a donut for us to share.

Come onnnnn work week.


Friday Afternooning

I’m hanging out at the coffee shop and almost done here as I’m almost done the coffee. I’ve done some sketching from a life drawing stream as well as a few sketches of a bikini girl and a saluting girl. It’s nice. I want to do more (ALWAYS) but for now at least I’ve done SOME right? Did some scribble sketching of things too on the tablet. Scribble sketching is like just like it sounds, you start scribbling and scribble figures, kind of lets your mind start seeing shapes and then you go a direction and hopefully you’d have a layout of some sort that is fairly loose.

I hung out with someone at work for a bit, discussing work life and all other things so it was nice to start out the Friday like that. We talked about my PO and things and it’s nice that she’s literally attemting to figure the PO out although I don’t expect anything to be figured out, it’s still a nice thing to be able to talk about it.

I picked up the car so at least that was quick.

I may go wander Best Buy as I usually end up doing on Fridays. Just nice to wander right? Wonder when we at home will start trying the ‘online workouts’.

Tomorrow she wants to go for another picnic in a park with the dogs. I have to keep telling myself to just go along with it because if all things were ‘normal’, a picnic would be a nice get out for the weekend. Unfortuneatey, all my bones in my body have been trained by this point to want to do ANYTHING BUT things that she wants to do or things that ‘she says’ will make her happy. I can’t help it. She’s done that to me.

I think I’ll write up a list of things to do this weekend around home / at home so that I can feel like I’m accomplishing something.

I do wonder though if I’ll go home to an already in the bag PO since she gets out an hour early and can start her own ‘happy’ hour. We’ll see.

I think I’ll go treat myself to an ice cream.


Friday Morning Rambles

Well I was going to have a blog yesterday afternoon but never bothered.

This morning I’ll just do a little one. J

So the PO at home got a login for a ‘beach body’ workout thing from her one coworker. She is ‘excited’ about it and wants to do this workout regimen. She also (not a surprise) wants me to do it with her. GYYYYRATE EVERYONE!!!

It’s using body weight mostly and it’s doing whatever exercises which is fine. I’ll wait the week or 3 before it peters out and then go back to business as usual. Still love all this ‘wanting’ to work out from her but the complete denial about drinking 40 OZ of booze and a dozen beer in a weekend having a ‘non positive’ fat impact on her (especially when she’s had it she gets me to pick up McDonalds or fried chicken or something) and will annihilate any and all healthy things she is ‘excited’ to do. I know, some self-reflection would help but that doesn’t work with some sexes.

On another topic, watching a video of a guy in Japan and they went to a figure store I’ve been to. A woman was with them and I guess does the camera work for the channel (or helps them out ?) and remarked why the booby figures are so booby…no one has boobs that big….etc…my thought I had made me laugh… I thought okay but in tv and in fiction and in comics and in basically ALL media, women are portrayed as these strong, powerful, logical, sexy and smart beings and not the kind of beings that revel in another one of their sexes pains, drama and is lucky if they move off the sofa (at least in the case of my PO) so you know what? Make the figures with huge boobages…at least it’s nice to look at…nicer than a scowly puss on their faces all the time like reality…

Tired Me

I’m tired. Yes folks. Still tired.

I think I’m just exhausted more from the go go go at home that I’ve been doing for the month that we’ve had the pup. I’m the one that gets up to let him out, then let him out again, I do chores, I do yard work, I do budget, and on and on. Then I have to deal with someone criticizing me forgetting a thing or two when I’m basically handling everything, then the constant turmoil that arises from a wife that hates everyone in the world. I’m stressed about wondering when my family will be able to come visit although it has been a busy summer for both them and us separately so I’m trying to tell myself that this isn’t SOULLY due to home stuff..

Yesterday I did NOT feel good at all. I was headachy, dizzy, tired and just wiped from about 10am onward, getting worse after lunch before the headache finally broke and then I was fighting to stay conscious at work. Didn’t have that eventful of a night either, I sat around and SHE did some dishes (I know THUD right?). She wants to keep things cleaner so ‘we’ don’t end up having to clean the entire weekend like ‘we’ usually have to (Substitute ‘we’ with JESSE ONLY).

We’ll see how long THIS lasts. Ironic thing is that the dishes that are usually generated and not washed are by her anyways.

She’s become irritated at why I’m so tired. Ironic hey? My tiredness is from stress that SHE generates at home coupled with me doing everything. Nothing else health related. It’s simply that. “We can go to bed early again” is said at the drop of a hat which doesn’t help me really at all anyway. I honestly think my issues are trying to fit in all the duties at home, the stresses of parents and family, and trying to fit some interests that I have (of which she has zero) and on top of that dealing with a new pup (who has been good to be honest) and it just going on for over a month.

Anyway, on with my day, sipping coffee and hopefully being somewhat awake.

So Same Much Change….

Sorry for the weird title…

Last night I managed to get the bolts loose on the item that I’m trying to repair on the car so that is good. I had to use a torch that I bought at the store to heat up the bolt and loosen it. This is the first time that I’ve ever attempted to use Heat and it worked fantastic.

The first night of no cell phone was enacted last night.  basically she sat on the couch watching her crime shows as per usual even though she said that she only did that because I was making her bored. I put Doctor Who on the TV and streamed it, then put on some of my YouTube videos (that I watch) and streamed them as well on the TV.

She seemed to get progressively more drunk as the night went on even though she only had some light beer which leads me to believe that there was some other booze that somehow isn’t in the house but did get in her belly aka hidden. The big movie that she wanted me to rent she didn’t want to rent because she was too sleepy which meant too drunk.

I’m actually surprised that she went to work today seeing’s as she flopped into bed had no shower and then in about 4 in the morning got up frantically stating she had to have a shower so hopped in and did that while staggering around falling into the walls. I slept like a baby. 


 Hilarious due to the fact that my phone was upstairs the whole night yet somehow she got herself drunk passed out and was watching her shity shows as per usual. Wrong as usual lady.

Sips coffee

The Tuesday

Almost off to work this morning. The PO drank a bottle of Sake last night. Reeked this morning.

Something funny at work yesterday. Was discussing Wonder Woman the movie and my coworker says “I hear she’s pretty good looking”, and was going to go further maybe about how of course they cast someone hot in it, and my response was “of course she’s hot, she’s WONDER woman, not DUMPY woman…my other coworker who sits in the same cube as the other coworker I was discussing this with turned to me and her and said “That’s true!”. It was funny. Then the coworker said “you should totally draw Dumpy Woman..” That WOULD be funny lol…not saying I will but it WOULD be funny..maybe it’ll be one of those sketch on scrap paper at my desk during work kind of sketches.

To get changed ol chum!

Family Woes

I’m finding it difficult to see my family. Not to do with THEM but to be able to either have them come out or me go out there for a couple days.

July and August are always busy. Always have been since we’ve been out here. It has been either house stuff, travelling stuff, in laws stuff or other stuff. THAT I’m used to experiencing at least.

What seems to be happening lately is that the PO at home is finding any and all reasons to take up every single weekend, now in September to get a crown on her tooth or basically ANYTHING else to say that ‘oh they can’t come that weekend, or that weekend or that one, or the next 15 because we might want to do something….’

Now it doesn’t help that my parents too, can’t schedule a day due to dad’s anxiety with travelling so just can’t ‘schedule’ it in and go with it either. My brother is having his kid end of August so naturally the wife in her caring manner thinks well they should come out and to hell with their grand kid which of course isn’t going to happen.

She’s trying now to tell me that I have to go during the work week to visit my parents as she wants weekends for us, I told her directly that’s not going to be some ‘new rule’ as I do miss my family and I do have to visit them either way at some point.

I know she’ll be stewing about it and pissed off but hey back off, it’s MY family…I don’t restrict her from seeing hers. And she wonders why I’m always exhausted….dealing with this shit.