The Blog of Thursday

So right now, she’s on the sofa ranting and ranting and ranting about idiots with kids, ie. her coworkers and other people…all other people. This is the third time I’m hearing this crap tonight. I………………don’t………………………………

She was already drinking before I got home. So guess “it’s not my fault” because I’m on my phone as I WAS DRIVING HOME IN MY CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sigh….now she’s ranting about other coworkers, of the brown kind that should just hang themselves because they are so weak and useless, compared to her that is…as she’s knee deep in drunks-ville stating how women are so far superior.


I had a busy busy BUSY day…things are going okay but looks like there are more details for me to do…but I’m doing what I can.

The oddest part of my day was the part where one of my bosses came up to me at my desk asking how it was going with the project and then mentioned how he is impressed by my ability to keep my composure during all of this and if it was him, he would have lost his s##! a long time ago. That was nice of him and totally unexpected. I half felt like saying this is nothing with the crap I put up with at home with my wife….*rimshot*

After that it was lunch basically so I wandered over to the gas station and purchased two lottery tickets, one for each of the national lotteries and joked with the clerks’ there that I am buying these because I received a comment from my boss…they had the BIGGEST grins on their faces. It was great!!!

Tomorrow is Friday and usually it’s ‘my day’ Friday but tomorrow I will work the afternoon as I’m still not sure how in the HELL I will get the project done PLUS go early on Thursday for a camping site that was booked a month or so ago and try to convince my bosses about that….I’m hopeful that if I talk to them tomorrow while there when no one else is, and they see that I’m working the afternoon, that they will give me a little leeway but I won’t hold my breath. 

Maybe I’ll fit a sketch or 3 in on my desk while I’m working tomorrow. Maybe I’ll use sketching as a partial break (like 5 min each time) when I’m stuck on details so I can reset my thinking on things. Sometimes it helps. 🙂 

Time to go for a second drive in one evening.



So this far she’s ranting for the 4th day in a row about a ex co-worker and how she’s living her life stupidly and is a complete idiot so says her current coworker who she ranted about the entire week before…and drinking now.

May she drink herself to sleep.

How Soon I Forget

You know, I find myself wanting more and more to be able to blog in the moment instead of later in the day where a person’s brain has glossed over the shit that went on and the way to put these thoughts into words properly.

Oh well it’s probably for the better that I don’t recall each and every stupid thing that happened to me and instead celebrate the positive which was.

Seeing women that are artists and that seem genuinely happy to be there.

Being around passionate people.

Being able to enjoy things with friends and see their joys.

I decorated my Surface and more importantly, my surface case up with stickers drawn by these artists. Anything to help the environment of which I will draw in.

This week I KNOW will be absolute hell. I’m not even sure when or if I’ll be online much but will try my best even if I’m not the most responsive. I’m off tomorrow afternoon to take Meemers to a vet appointment. The rest of the week will be solid horrible work.

I guess I’ll start drawing some more. Use this motivation while I can!!! Even if I’m doing laundry at the same time.

Animethon 24 Day 1

Another Anime convention started. 😊

I think this is the 8th or 9th I’ve been to so far? (I put ‘we’ but then deleted it…who cares about ‘we’, I’m talking me here!)

It’s been nice to see old friends, ones we should keep in touch with more though that’s not through my fault or error. I text and email here and there though haven’t done it in a while but again, remember, these are HERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR friends right?

I think I’ll make a point to keep in contact more. Maybe set reminders too. At least we have good talks and not about ‘stupid’ coworkers or other such topics.

It was funny when the question came up of when are you guys going to come out to visit!!!?? I looked right at the PO and said “well it’s up to her”, she then fumbled and said ‘well I think Jesse will be going out one of these days to visit his parents”…the friend moved on. Sad that the PO doesn’t know what it’s like to BE a friend to someone.


Whenever I go in the section called ‘artists alley’ I think “wow these people are neat. They make their own drawings, buttons, creations and so on, even if it’s fan art most times, and set up and sell these creations.” And think and wonder would this be me in another life? Cool either way though. Happy I’ve been drawing more this year than the past previous ones though and hope the trend continues too.

I bought a few things today too. Buttons from a series from years back, two stickers which now adorn the back of the very tablet I’m typing this up on, a deck of cards from my favorite anime series and a folder from another. I can use this folder at work 😉.

I had a pretty decent day though so that’s nice. Tonight I think will be relaxing and then tomorrow we go for a full day.



So I’m at the convention and we get food. We each get a bowl of something that requires the use of a microwave. I go heat mine up and return to the table then saying I’ll heat my PO’s up too. She hands it and then our friend says a very bold THANK YOU lol…my P.O. said nothing 

Oh What a Meeting….(sung to oh what a feeling…)


I’m not even sure if I’ll capture all that yesterday was with regards to the big meeting we had for the crazy project.

It was SP who called the meeting with the big wig to go through things and to see if ‘we’ were even going to be able to meet the targeted deadline.

Now I’ve had trouble with drawing anything up as nothing was designed. Literally nothing to show. He’d fire me a picture from the internet or a simple doodle, just not enough (nearly enough) to go on besides me just guessing and with the 3 week deadline outlined to us at the onset of the project, impossible to do. No time for guessing.

It started by me being asked by the big wig what I had been missing, what elements were still not designed or handed off to me for drawing up technically. I had my list ready to go.

A side note. The OTHER big wig had spoken to me earlier and earlier yesterday even about how the project was going and he was in my court with the lack of design handed to me. I guess this big wig asked the other big wig to talk to me about it earlier. Good to know.

Back to our story….

So SP skirts the issue and says that I have all I need to draw things up. The big wig then asks for his design drawings that he handed off. He can’t produce any. He never had any. He says there were some sketches earlier on but that they had ‘gone missing’ and ‘someone else’ had lost them. Big wig said fine. Draw it right now right here. You should be able to if you had already drawn it up prior. He couldn’t. He would finally say that it hasn’t been designed yet.

This happened with each and every single part of the project to the point that there were eff bombs dropped albeit calmly but sternly. JJ tried to cover for SP and then the big wig started asking HER questions. Where was the design before? How long did it take to produce the document that was an overall sense of what the project was without design being finalized though. She answered 7 weeks. He remarked that it was way too much and they KNEW of this tight timeline ahead of time and can’t expect this guy (me) to be able to draw things when nothing has been resolved. JJ then was on the defensive as well as SP.

The question of consultant meetings came up. What did mechanical show for this…what about electrical…SP said nothing as no one’s working on it. Big wig then lit into him again asking why not. Why hasn’t he got another person at the other consultants to work on it? He’s the PM right? So why not. What have you been doing to this point with all this time?

I tell you, I never looked down at my paper so much as I did this time. I walked the big wig thorough details I did know, and things I could detail obtaining direction from HIM (thankfully) that I can go on for some of the items.

The big wig then concluded that this has to be split up and the whole office has to come together to complete it by the deadline. I am to assess what I can actually finish by that date (next Friday) and let him know so he can pull and assign things to the rest of the office. He brought in one of the main bosses to do one item, JJ to do another, SP to do a third and me to do the fourth. I asked more questions of the big wig in direction so now I can plow away on it too thankfully.

The big wig and I had a little talk in between the meeting as it broke for a small break and thankfully he was on the side of ‘you didn’t have a chance here’ with the deadline and no design completed. I let him know the other big wig talked to me about some things and that’s when he told me it was him that asked him to.

Finally I left the meeting feeling wiped, freaked out, stressed but also something different…it wasn’t I that got the shit this time. What I was hoping to get from SP and JJ WAS justified and a typical thing. The big wig said if it were him in my position and he got this amount of design from SP he’d throw it back asking if this was a F**king joke????!!

It’s been interesting I tell you.

This morning my buddy told me that after I left and he was there a bit longer, he talked to SP who had looked like he had been upset and that’s where he muttered how ME (this blog writer) is an asshole. I literally said no more than a few paragraphs in that meeting…and it was him that called the meeting stating I better have drawings together for it to show the big wig.

Holy shite lol….

Now I’m eating a sub and blogging this. *waves to good buddy*

Next I will wander next door (to the place where I’m thieving the internet from here) and buy a beverage and eventually make my way back to the office to continue the crazy push.

Tonight friends are coming into town for the anime convention so that’ll be SUPER nice and NEEDED to relax tonight after all of this.

Apologies to my best bud for not being around much today.

Work Schmurk

I’m always happy when I see some of the YouTubers that I watch posting a new video. It’s also why I subscribe to a couple patreon people as well too. It gives me a sense of entertainment and a sense of somebody else’s life whether it’s more fiction than reality or not.

 I’m just enjoying coffee right now and the dogs are just kind of putzing around here. I think that on the way in I’ll do my usual and by my coffee on the way in as well in order to start my day at work. Today I’m hoping to get a whole bunch of stuff done but we’ll see how that goes. 

I had to talk with the boss that bought her way into the company yesterday about the project that she’s going to freak out about because it’s not done. She called a meeting with me and snobby parents and herself to discuss what is outstanding.

He of course dismissed things saying I know what he wants which I fought by the way, and other things that are still not decided yet and then also said that we’re probably not going to be done this job in time to which of course the boss freaks out but then doesn’t say anything because one of her own saying this.

I reiterated again that I’m not going to be working free evenings just to get it done because I don’t have a lot of the answers. It seems to be my broken record with management lately to which they don’t say anything because they don’t want to confront that fact that they make people work free.

I can see what’s going to happen now is that the boss I speak of is going to take her little bit of whining to the other big boss, the one that I never spoke to about this, and try to get him to Hardball me into doing whatever I can bending over backwards to try and finish things in time and on budget no matter what the circumstances are. 

I have a feeling that I’m going to have to bring everybody into a room if this keeps up for this job.

I’m sure they’ll just use their old excuse of “well this is architecture” but I’m going to tell myself not to worry about it and to just go step by step by step, that’s all I can do.

Ironically to it’s funny that there’s all these things to be designed yet and yet who did they let go at designer… But they had it out for her head because she had a brain and used it and was better than they are so of course get rid of her. Now she was somebody that could have bought away into the company that’s a different story right?

Anyway I should stop bitching about work and I should finish my breakfast and get into the said workplace.