My Friday Eve

So it’s finally Friday night.

This morning someone left reeking of booze. Well reeking to me. I can’t STAND the smell of booze on someone anymore (wonder why)’s the same smell when you walk into a liquor store…kind of stale…

I’ve been noticing lately that since her tolerance has been climbing leaps and bounds and that’s really cut into my drawing time. Where she’d pass right out asap she’s now up and ranting and rambling and bitching to me more about things. Last night was a night where after she was done all the bitching and complaining and the ‘thellemmetellyouwhatithinkkkkk’s, she wanted to be ‘romantical’ (nice way to put it). I was like no, I’m tired, I have a stomach ache etc…whatever I have to say to not want to be romantical with a drunk. I know it’s TMI so skip ahead to the next paragraph if you want to be saved….okay…you still here?…last chance….okay well back in the day, I’ve never been one to ‘like’ the drunk girls at the bars. Not one bit. I could tell even back then, that THOSE aren’t the actual people out there. It’s just a drunk persona that pretends to be a person (to me). I was brought up a proper way and respected women (look where it got me…). Either way though I never did and to this day, never want to do anything romantical with someone on the sauce. What about one drink!? Oh we’re not talking about one drink. Soon as the rambling, bitching ranting, red face, slurring and walking funny kick in, the attraction…ANY attraction is out the window. Who wants to do ANYTHING with that…

Annnnnnd we’re back.

So today has been wonderful. I got to draw on the tablet and MAAAAAN does it work nicely. It didn’t heat up at all and about 4 hours of solid use including streaming music to Bluetooth headphones, watching a bit of YouTube and drawing on it, only ran the battery down to 50%. WAY better than the Surface Pro for that. Just need to order me up a nice case to protect this thing. My biggest fear? Dropping it as the thing is so thin and very slippery to hold. I’m hoping that someone goes to bed so I can pull it back out and keep going on it.

I had a great conversation with dad again via text. He’s doing better today at least and has his market set up tomorrow where he sells things to people. I think he’s looking forward to it. Nothing wrong with that. Anyway, it’s so nice to be able to confide to him about the drawing time I take away from work in secret locales. I will send him a snapshot of what I drew and then we’ll talk more about it. I really enjoyed it.

I think the plan this weekend will be tomorrow, not a lot, go grab some supplies, stain for the deck and then pressure wash the deck and pick doggie what’s it’s. Sunday will be staining the deck alone (what you thought she’d help? Why she says I’m SO MUCH BETTER AT…….yeah everything).

Happy weekend everyone!



Last night was a good evening. I suspect aliens. Supper made, no complaining, no angry, and we booked some hotels for our trip. Win Win all around.

Tonight she is tired so went to bed early. This is giving me a chance to catch up on my anime series I’m watching and also to relax from the day of work that felt long…

Today the new tablet arrived at work. I also got to know a bit more about our temporary receptionist who’s usually quiet and reserved. We got talking and turns out she loves to draw and draws on an ipad so was curious how this tablet would work. I told her I’d let her try the surface and the new tablet too just so she can figure out if she likes any of them or not. It was great to talk to her at lunch. Eyes lit up and we’re both talking inside talk about art and drawing and stuff. My know it all coworker just listened which is amazing in itself hahaha..this know it all is usually right but this time it was just art talk and it was a good thing.

I’m happy tomorrow isn’t Friday just yet. I’ll have a lunch hour to do more drawing on the new one and see what I think of it. I sketched a little bit tonight and so far as I can tel, it works really good and has THE NARROWWEST nib on a stylus. Good for detailed work.

Anyway, back to my shows. Happy Wednesday everyone!

Her HO Face

At work on a Tuesday and there are chocolate chip cookies here….*angelic sounds*.

Last night was the 1 of 3 ways that I see my significant other these days. This time it was in the HO state (hungover) from the downing of her booze the day before.

Funny as I used to think that she was irritated at me, or angry at me etc but I know it has nothing to do with me but is just the ‘after’ part of overindulgence that she chooses. I don’t cause her to drink anymore than she causes me to go have donuts.

We watched TV and I surfed a bit on my phone and she on hers looking irritated and angry as her HO face always looks. I found a new YouTuber that I’m enjoying watching his content (Canadian guy that lives in Japan) so am being entertained by that lately.

Today I will do my usual work and go on site right after lunch to go snap a ton of photos of a few construction spaces we’re working on. A library as well as a nearly completed place. Should be fun besides wearing the hardhat in the sun. Yay for mussed up hair.

Tonight I’m sure will be a LETS BE FIT LIKE WE ALWAYS ARE night. Yes folks, there is a fourth bit to the typical 3 times with my significant other. One is she’s drinking and passed out. Second is HO days. Third is angry angry ranty ranty suck your soul because she’s b**ching about everyone else and how they are inferior to her. There is a small forth too. That is what I’m guessing tonight will be. That fourth? The ‘we need to get in shape! Today I ate 3 veggies and now i’m going to walk on the treadmill to burn off 80 calories when just a day before I consumed 1100 calories of booze.

*thousand yard stare*

On with the day.

Maybe I need a donut…..

Sunday in Control!

My legs are itchy…

So I did all that I will do outside chore wise at least. I decided. IIIIIII decided. I cleaned the garage top to bottom basically, sweeping the sand and dirt that had gathered ovwer the winter. I then blasted both the garage and driveway but also the house off with the pressure washer. I raked a little bit out front and got all the vehicles back in the garage. I’m done for this weekend.

I have posted a few photos of me during my day, not censoring them from prying in law eyes so they can see that I am actually doing something and yet no sign of thier daughter anywhere. Oh well! Enjoy answering what YOU were doing while I worked away.

I found my GPS that I bought a while back and thought hell, I’m putting this thing back up in the car again. I’m going to use it so am currently updating the maps on it before I run out to buy myself a much deserved treat for doing all that I did today. Perhaps a milkshake or something.

The wife you ask? PTFO on the sofa. She’s been out a while now having started boozing spiced rum prior to noon. She placed soup in the slow cooker at least ahead of time so that’ll be done at least. It was a funny thing yesterday too. She started another slow cooker recipe that required you to add some stuff at the end to thicken up the sauce and so she wrote it down for me. She then said that she was writing it in case (and this is where she trailed off) “I fall asleep before it’s done….” Ah the knowledge that she knows she does this. At least I didn’t have to listen to any diatribe’s thus far.

Plans for rest of the day? Call my dad and see how his weekend and first weekend at the market (he sells stuff there) went and just have a general chit chat. Should be decent. May play more Mario Kart as I’m kicking butt on the super fast courses and perhaps will even draw more.

The new tablet arrives this week so it’ll be fun to use a new gadget especially in time for my Friday afternoon.

Hope the weekend has been good wherever you may be 🙂

Googily Moogily..I’m Tired!

So the day has continued the way it was going. She went to bed, she did however play video games while boozing so at least she was upright (somewhat) and so I chatted with my brother and enjoyed some internet in the office at my computer. It was good! I’ve had a decent night where I’ve done the above, also booked the next 14 days on the trip, and got a STEAL on the hotel at $115 a night. Hard time to find one HERE for that price. So glad I found that one.

I think I better go to bed though…eyes are droopy…at least I’ll go have a nice quiet shower and get into bed and I can drift off with the knowledge that today wasn’t that bad for me.

Tomorrow will be some yard stuff, laundry and being an adult somewhat :).

Night all!


So today was a pretty okay day for a weekend in the household here. So far at least. The wife is taking the quick slide into PTFO land but for now is playing video games while drinking. Hey at least she’s doing SOMETHING….and it’s not stealing MY time or soul by telling me how horrible and irresponsible people are in life…

This morning we woke up, I picked up breakfast as I had run out of coffee grounds here (which I remedied later in the morning at the grocery store). Afterward we went out to pick up some shoes for her as her running shoes have had it. Afterward it was a bit of just hang out around home, go to Lowe’s and pick up a couple things and not a lot else. I did some sketching and watching some videos.

Tonight I went to buy a small animal fence to attach to the other one we have in order to keep the pups out of the garden. I bought myself a McFlurry and now am so full and sweeted out but I don’t regret it. It was a treat for me.

I will now browse more hotels for the upcoming go hella into debt trip.

That’s about all I got for now.



A Friday Morning Blog

Friday. Blissful wonderful Friday.

Last night wasn’t very eventful. We did however book the first nights or few for the upcoming trip in the fall.

So there we are at my computer upstairs, wife there, dogs there etc. My stomach makes noises sometimes. IMMEDIATELY Miss patience is annoyed that my stomach is making noises. I, who apparently was in no mood for her shit, turned and did a mimic of an angry bitchy woman about one’s stomach….

We moved on.

Now I had a bunch of things I wanted to write about…now what were they…

I’ve been talking to dad a lot lately and have started revealing little chunks of what I go through in my own life out here. It seems that he’s able to snap out of his own bit of stuff momentarily to give fatherly advice which is a welcomed thing by me. It’s nice to discuss things going on with me and my situation out here.

So as you read before, the wife’s ambitious promise to be a better wife and to make sure all dishes are always done has already come and gone. I think it lasted a whole day. It’s back to her leaving stuff everywhere and wanting ME to do the dishes in the mornings after she leaves the hour early (by choice) for work. I did a couple but that’s it. I’m not taking my wake up, coffee and breakfast with the pups time and turning into more ‘do shit for us so I can steal your entire night at home later’ bit. It’s not happening. Nope. Sorry (not sorry).

Control seems to be one of those things that people always try to steal from you. People want to run other people’s lives. Tell them what to do, where to go, how to be, what to wear, what to like and so on. A HUGE part of my life seems to be standing up and saying no. Saying screw what you want me to do. I’m doing what I want to do. It’s not ‘rebelling’ against authority as much as it is a sense of control in my own life instead of the constant chaos that arrives WHEN other people try to assert and hold control over you.

I have no idea what the ‘plans’ are this weekend though I will be doing some yard stuff for me and as dad said (to get out of the house….one can rake REALLY HARD to get out some frustrations) and will hop on the bike a couple times. I haven’t even taken her bike down from inside the garage.

I’m looking forward to my afternoon of free time to do what I please. I will read some comics, I will draw and sketch and just enjoy the heck out of the afternoon.

Happy Friday Everyone!