I Will NOT Drink the Acid Kool-Aid

The wife’s on one of these ‘fads’ some idiot coworker of hers (or a radio host / (wo)man in the moon) started her on. And she’s trying to have me accompany her on her journey of NO PROOF other than looking at positive claims on websites.

My mother had these types of fads back in the day. Most notably is the article she read in Reader’s Digest when I was young that stated that if you put flour, eggs and milk in your hair that it’ll be a wonderful treatment and leave you with luscious locks. Sure sounds fine right? Sure until dad’s called in by my crying / freaking out mother who’s in the bathtub in tears with a head full of dough unable to get it out. Wonder if my dad’s ever laughed as hard as that time…

What is it with these fads that grab the attention of some folks? The quick and dirty way to something instead of doing the tried and true method of anything. The wife is irritated at me that I will not join her in this.

“I’m concerned for your health though!” to which I reply that I have been under a full blood and physical work up in the past 6 months and everything is fine and functioning properly so I’m not going to mess with that.

“But my coworkers swear by it!”

Me: “The coworkers you hate and tell me each and every day how stupid they are?”

“But it’s good for you! It says online!”

No. I’m not doing this. If it’s such a miracle item, why is it used for the odd cooking recipe then and NOT in pill form, and known in the medical world as something MEDICAL…

If she keeps trying to pressure me into it, I’m going to get to the point of saying “look, if I want to prevent disease, heart problems, cancers and all sorts of other things, I’ll do the tried and true method…I’ll get off my ass and workout regularly and eat well.”

How about instead of fads, stop being lazy and start living healthy, stop whining and join a gym, work out, eat healthy and don’t drink a tanker of booze a year. I GUARANTEE YOU, you will see immense health benefits.


2018 – Week 1, Not Too Bad

Sunday! I’ve made it!

I think at the end of each week I will do a week summary blog. More so I can look back and pick out the positives and see what else went on. Can’t hurt right?

First week back at work was okay. Not a lot of panic deadlines but knew what to work on at least. That went okay. Saw some micromanaging going on at work with a couple of coworkers so would just stick both headphones in while they bickering.

At home it was not a ‘bad’ week though bad for being a patterned time. I’d literally get home from work, we’d eat, take the dogs for a walk, hop in the jet tub and go to bed…each….and….every single night….so by the time Thursday came around I was on edge and just needed some ‘me’ time. I don’t mind doing things in the evenings at all, but to just do the same things and then all during those together times to the end of the nights discussing coworkers and people she can’t stand. Just soul sucking for me. Come up with other topics to talk about you say? Like what. Things that I like that will be called ‘not real things’ or garbage etc…no thanks. So yes, home was TIRING. And yes it WAS as my best bud said, the calls with her mother were all about how she’s being so active now and living life and….

I received some pics from my sister in law with me holding their new baby girl. I showed the wife. “She’s a miserable looking kid” is what she remarked. *rolls eyes*. Don’t say som3tehing like oh look that’s so cute! Look at the chubby face and you look happy to be holding her! Nope. Always have got to be negative. Right after that she remarked too how it’s ‘insane’ how everyone in my family gets time off around the holidays and ‘am I the ONLY ONE that doesn’t’? Am I the only one that has a REAL job?. This comes from the person that got the same time off as I did this year but VOLUNTEERED to go in those couple of days. Yes VOLUNTEERED to go into the workplace she hates. You’re such a horrible person.

Moving on.

Drawing went really good Friday actually. I was unsure how things would go as I barely slept the night before but with enough caffeine and activity and something fun to draw, I enjoyed it! I even had a good text chat with my ex coworker whom I miss just about the holidays and normal stuff. That was nice too. I doodled a couple of pics quick at work and then continued on drawing on the one. It’s a girl (surprise!) that’s up in the air going to spike a volleyball. I enjoyed the heck out of drawing it. I’m still not done but was fun to work on.

Last night we went to a club meetup [(out of wife’s parents harassing her to do things with her life instead of lay around all the time (and get wasted)) for a local anime club. It was pretty good. We watched about 6 episodes of an animated show and then just visited a while afterward. It was good! Was nice to get out too. We’ll see how it goes in the future with the club.

Now I’m drinking coffee and my chores today include picking dog stuff, going grocery shopping for the week and doing the laundry for the week.


Not a bad week in summary at least.

Friday – A Good Draw’in

Happy to say that today’s drawing session went very well. I did a rough sketch on another piece of paper at work.

The first sketch was horrid…I couldn’t get any of it to look like anything though just looks like a bunch of lines. Then I did a lady going up for a spike playing beach vollyball and that’s the sketch that I would soon scan in, save out as a jpeg and import to work on this afternoon.

I have done a couple hours of noodling on it which I’m okay with. Earlier today I wanted to get the thing done today but that just isn’t possible in the time that I have (and tablet battery lol) so am satisfied with where I’ve arrived at thus far. There are still a LOT of tweaking areas (including giving her a head LOL!!!) but the important part was that it provided hours of fun for me. In a week that has been a bit taxing on me mentally, it’s been nice to be able to just sit and noodle in a drawing.

Now since the tablet battery is about to die, I shall go browse either a mall or a store or two.

Good for a Friday

Do you really think it’s going to matter Eddie?

The title of this blog post refers to a line in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation where Cousin Eddie is discussing about the plate in his head being plastic instead of metal…

 It ain’t as strong so I don’t know if I should go sailin down no hill with nothing between the ground and my brains but a piece of government plastic.”

This all came to mind when the wife came home last night from work and after talking to her mother on the phone that we should both start taking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar everyday twice a day in fact since it’s supposed to be good for a person. Well I flat-out refused because there’s nothing wrong with me health-wise to Warrant a homeopathic remedy for something that isn’t needed just because someone told her it’s good for her. She wasn’t too happy with me but I’ve heard many things in my short time on this planet and every time there’s some sort of fad thing my mother would make my father go along with it and it always turned out to be bupkis.

And all I kept thinking was cousin Eddie’s quote from above especially with regards to the wife’s health and her goal to be “healthy”? I should add the Chevy Chase’s character responds with the title of this blog post as it wouldn’t matter if Eddie got a little brain damage since he doesn’t use a brain anyway….

When she stops drinking the litre of vodka and the bottle of wine and the mickey’s of spiced rum and the 750ml bottle of whiskey Etc… and I see evidence that you’re trying to be a healthy person and improve things for yourself then and only then will I ever take Health advice from the wife.

Today ought to be interesting as I got about 3 hours of sleep… I woke up about 1:30 and I could not fall back to sleep until about 6 in the morning which is just in time for the alarm at 6:30 a.m. to wake me up. 

Hello extreme caffeine my friend my dear dear friend.

Wednesday Rambles, Debt, Good Evening and Story Time

This morning felt good. I paid a bunch on the credit cards. I’m happy that it feels good instead of feeling like I NEED to spend money instead of paying off the money I HAVE spent. I’m fortunate to have the funds to put a little more this month than in previous down on the cards. I should have them all paid off before the next trip…and then you guessed it, it’ll climb up a bit once again. One difference this time however is that I ‘think’ I’ve finally caught up to the debt snowball that has been rolled behind me while I’m running down the hill splashing hot water on it behind me as it rolls towards me.

Last night was what I would call a normal and decent evening.

I arrived home and wife was making soup from a smoked ham hock and it turned out really tasty. Her BEST soup bar none. While it was simmering though we took the pups out for a walk. It was nice for us to be able to get out of the house and for the dogs to go for a walk. We picked up the mail and in it was a delayed Christmas gift from her to me. I was happy to get it and she was happy that it finally arrived. She had been refunded the money but I told her to definitely write the seller a note and pay them for it after all, its from Japan and we don’t need to screw up “Japan Karma”. What I mean by that is we’ve been so lucky on our trips thus far, that we don’t need something like this screwing it up. It was nice though because she was going to pay them as it was.


Once incident of Japan Karma was while on an island by Hiroshima, wild deer roam the island. One had a wood skewer in it’s mouth (from food sold on the island) and people had repeatedly tried to take it from him and he wouldn’t let them. I tried and then used a pup trick of holding MORE food towards him and going “you want some more food?” and when he came closer I YANKED it out of his mouth so fast he didn’t remember what he was doing and then went on about his business. Since they consider the deer, “messengers of the gods” I figured I had paid a little bit into my Japan Karma. The rest of the trip went wonderfully so figured it helped.

So far the day’s going pretty well. Let’s hope it continues.


Things I want to do this week. Paring down subscriptions.

Check all the services I’m subscribed to (Google storage, Patreon, DI.FM, Crunchyroll Premium and Crave TV) and see if there is anywhere I can ‘cut the fat’. I’m guessing that my subscription to Digitally Imported (Dance music and other stations) can be unsubscribed to as I have been listening to my MP3 player or my Amazon Prime Music Service and also signed up for the free version of Spotify so maybe that makes sense.

Also…do I NEED all the google storage I have? 100GB of extra? I have a lot of images but do I need them all there?

What about creative types through Patreon. Are there ones I haven’t heard from in ages?

Do I still need to give them my money even if it’s $3-5 a month? I felt and still do feel fine paying a couple of duckets to people that provide ‘me’ with content that I enjoy but when that dries up or seemingly is on a permanent hiatus? Yeah it’ll take some thinking.

Drawing this year.

I’m throwing around an idea in my head just for ‘speed drawings’ and as well as for a theme for my drawings this year. I want to draw things I like to draw, namely the female form. My version of the female form that I feel like drawing.

I want to draw pin up style drawings, I want to draw ‘moment’ type drawings. I also want to draw rough sketches of the female form in my sketchbook. I WANT WILL fill my sketchbook I’ve been working on and then you know what? draw in another!

I heard a few artists lately talking about sketchbooks and how they are simply a tool to figure things out in. No finished pieces, no perfect panels or anything but simply just for mileage and practice. I like that thought pattern. I can do that. I’m the BEST at not finishing my drawings…

Bright side bright side!!!


Anyway It’d be fun if I could upload some sketching content to YouTube just for fun too. Nothing super edited or anything but more sped up footage either screen capture or camera on sketchbook capture and put a bit of royalty free music and voice over behind it. The few that I’ve done before have been pretty fun.

What else is on my scatterbrained mind today…

Not a lot! Think I’ll grab a coffee on the way home today!

Tonight’s plans? Have to check the truck windshield for stone chips to be repaired. Have to check wife’s car’s windshield as it needs a new one since it’s now cracked clear across it. Going for a walk with the dogs (and wife) and far as I know just a quick supper. Oh also made a deal that we’ll make lunches for each other on alternating days. Small task but we’ll see if ‘both’ parties keep it up!