Start of a New Week

At work! Horray!

I managed to lock up the boys before I left so we’ll see what goes on for the first FULL day of being locked up. Just got a ‘thanks for being so helpful with the pups the past few days’ text from the SO.

It’s not a great thing when you know the only reason she’s saying this is after telling her coworkers how she’s been feeling ill and them asking well how is it looking after the pups and getting up to let him out and on and on and her having no lie ahead of time to tell them so then surrenders that I in fact have been taking care of them and so then she feels ‘compelled’ to text me thanking me for helping out with them.

Pass the chips.

Hope my best bud has a continued good time out on his holiday. So happy to read that things are so far so good. I must admit I’m jealous of his ski-ball playing. I GOTTA do that. Maybe this Friday. J.

It felt nice driving to work. I applied my enterprise decal to the car I’m driving so it’s nice to see that in the rear view, the car is clean as I did a thorough vacuum on the weekend of it and coffee in hand….made for a nice time.

My Surface pen battery should be arriving on Wednesday so that’s good too. I’ll be able to jump into things drawing wise once again once I get it. I’ve got to kick my own ass though to be persistent and draw even if it’s yet another pair o boobs and a smile.

Not much else going on right now. On with the week!

Still Sunday

Man with the exception of chatting with my best bud via texting and my dad on the phone, today’s been one HELLUVA boring day.

Sitting inside all day I had to get out for a bit. I watered outside which was nice as it’s a nice day out. I went to Timmies for a coffee and took Milo. So that was nice getting out. I started reading a bit of my book I bought a while back about the war on art and kind of just cleaning up the office upstairs even though I should be spending every second glued next to Mrs. Life On The Couch. So bloody boring on a nice day.

I ordered myself the batteries for my Surface Pro pen, a hat and a Godzilla movie that will be released in August. It’s the good one I saw on the plane to Japan. Can’t wait! Also waiting for that Anime movie to be released so I can buy it too. You know the one she magically didn’t want to go to even though I had purchased tickets months in advance…yeah that one.

We’ll see how this week goes. The blaming me for her tooth pain is laughable so we’ll see how she milks it this week when SHE actually has to take a step to book it and get it done. Gotta think of a new problem hun right?

Gotta send out a package this week too. I completely forgot about it but will fire it out this week.

6pm eh?…we’ll see who gets up for the pup tonight…so far it’s been me due to her ‘sore ear’ and ‘other ailments’ so we’ll see. Like I say, she’ll come up with something else soon enough.

Now to find a way to display pins in my case….

It’s a Sunday!

Time for a coffee but first…

Happy Fathers Day to my best bud! I’m sure the pups are missing their papa!

I have to call my own dad but will wait until around noon to do it.

Right now my day looks like laundry so far and wondering if a so and so will actually go into work for a FULL week this week. It’d be amazing! 😝.

The story is that it was her ear hurting due to her teeth due to JESSE not getting insurance covered quick enough since you know everything is someone elses fault. Told her parent’s this and so on. Excellent least I don’t care. Just like from now on I’m thinking my FB posts will ALL be “everyone but the mother in law”.

Time for a coffee!! And some interenetting….

More Saturday!

Still Saturday. So far I’ve been pretty productive despite anything else. I mowed the lawns, cleaned up the yard a bit, raked a bit, went and cut the lawn of an idiot down the street that has an ‘end’ of the block lot but never cuts it and all it was was a weed field spreading to everyone else so I said eff it and with my sombrero I cut the damn lawn lol.

Later in the afternoon, we went to a walk in mediclinic as her teeth have been bugging her, keeping her up at nights (sure), and so she got some medication for swelling as her face is a bit swollen. She says she has held off on getting the teeth fixed since I hadn’t brought her new insurance to my work…uh huh. Wrong but whatever, don’t care. Blame everyone else right? THAT’S how YOU never make a bad decision, creative writing heh.

So in that process, she also wanted a sick note for work for the past 2 days. Very sly there. I’m sure it wasn’t the LITRE of hard booze that had anything to do with it, oh no it was teeth pain. Funny with that same pain you’re up and walking about today…so why couldn’t you at work? Hrmm???

I wandered myself earlier to the convenience store where I bought an energy drink, the same type I bought when with my buddy at an outlet mall in the states. Always makes me reminiscent. Earlier than that, I rode my bike to pick up some garbage bags at the new home centre near us and just some bread for home.

So far I’ve ‘walked’ 15km today..funny.

That’s about all for now!

Mentally Back Baby

Finally I think I’m mentally back to Jesse.

Thank goodness. I feel like I’ve slept 100 years last night although was probably 7 hours but lately? That’s a GOOD sleep.

Yesterday I found myself worried about doing things since someone was PTFO once again and with the new pup to look after, I felt trapped at home inside. I let him out, he did some business and then let him back in. I made sure there was nothing he could get into and then left them inside anyway so I could do some much needed garbage stuff outside (yard stuff etc.).

While I was outside doing the glamourous job of transferring the very poo laden garbage bins into heavy duty construction garbage bags, then spraying out the garbage cans on the road out front with headphones in and music playing, I had the realization of ‘who cares if the pup poos in the house…I’m cleaning right now and I can clean that once I get in too’ whether or not she’s conscious or not is irrelevant. It doesn’t TRAP me there. Man that felt good to have that realization. Once I was done that I did go inside and watch my anime episode on my tablet and enjoyed a coffee in between playing with the pups.

Today someone’s ‘ill’ once again. Not my problem, not my career, not my care. Far as I know there isn’t more booze in the house but even if there was? Meh.

Totally looking forward to this afternoon though unsure what my plans are but I don’t care as long as it’s not sitting at home either listening to someone rant about how none of the moms in the area we live in work (ironic) or the brownies.

On with my Friday!