More Excuses

So last night after my work debacle, I got home and had a somewhat decent night. We walked the dog, it was a chilly walk but a walk nonetheless and good to get some clean air in our lungs.

After we were home a bit, the topic was raised about how she wishes we could work out or have time to do it. “How can others do it!?”. Of course I’ve heard this all before from her and I am done trying to answer it or trying to ‘solve it’. After all women don’t want anything solved right? Especially if it’s easily solved…

So she goes into how there isn’t enough hours in the day, how she just doesn’t have the energy but that eating well isn’t really doing much and she’s not feeling so good about herself. I reiterate that I too would like to be in better shape too but stop at that.  I’ve been down this road way too many times with her and am not ready for a 5th round.

I know that from my own experiences, you have to not be lazy, you have to get up when you don’t want to, change into gym clothes when you don’t feel like it and get working out, whether it’s at home or at a gym facility but the point is you need to figure a way to MAKE the time and MAKE the effort to do so and from living with one another I’ve seen where the time goes, what is done and more importantly what isn’t done.  Sure it’s tougher to keep a tidy house if you want to work out but then again it’s not if you pick up after yourself once in a blue moon.  Exercise can be your best friend if you let it. It can help you unwind from work, it can help you space out from the thoughts of work and life.  It is therapeutic and the health benefits are enormous but the one hurdle one has to get passed is that you have to make the decision to do it.  To NOT drink, to eat better, to get up or take some evening time to commit to your health and feeling better, to figure out ways to clean the house or you know, take part in it at all, to not blame your partner for your obvious bad habits and to just wake up.

I’ve tried with her in going to gyms. We tried one. It was busy so she made us quit. The next one was fantastic and a quiet nice new facility but 15 mins drive each way and THAT was too much time out of her day / week to do that. We have equipment at home but she ‘can’t do it after working with THOSE assholes all day’ and then gets angry at me for not being as angry as her about work and suggesting perhaps I should get a different job where I can be that angry so I can understand what she feels like…yes folks I’m not kidding that HAS been suggested to me. Luckily I took that suggestion and put it where all bad suggestions go.

There are closer gyms, but then they are more money, and she once said she’d not pay more than$10 a month to go to a gym. Well you aren’t going to get to go to ANY gyms then…once we went to that nice facilty and it was 40 a month which is still cheap for one’s health and interests, then it was too far and too much time to take up. She wants to eat, sleep, be mad at work, be exhausted at home and go to bed early so there’s not time for any exercise you know. Weekends? Well they’re the same! Though lately it’s ‘we better have plans to go to do something or I’m going to get blitzed out of boredom!’ but nothing said about going to a gym or working out at home.

My conclusion is that if you wanted to get in better shape physically, you’d do it. But you don’t. I did it for years myself and kept my place clean or relatively clean.

You won’t do it if you don’t want to. No one else is stopping you.

Now time for Timmies!


Baby Asshole Graduated!!!

You know when I stop working that something is up.

Today it seems, the people I refer to as “baby assholes” just showed themselves to grow into a “young adult” asshole.

What do you do when you’re so stressed out that you have to take a walking break outside to clear your head and possibly take deep breaths in order to not hyperventilate and or pass out? It’s called stress.

What do you call a person who’s been driving you to this point knowing that you’re invested in your work and want to do a good job but that the deadline is impossible to accomplish and then on the 2nd day before the deadline says that he was just kidding on the due date and that I have another week to do it still and he just is doing this to make sure people ‘work?’….it’s called an ASSHOLE.

That’s right folks…another week to do things…so all the scrambling and fudging I was doing in preparation for this deadline is still there and still makes the drawing set look not so great but you know what? I’m going to keep that in. I’m not going to change things I’ve already done. You know what else I’m not going to do? Work for the rest of the day. Time for a glorious hour and a half to piss around.

That’s right. Fuck yourself.

More Worry

I’m more and more worried about what will or could happen to my brother and his gf flying out there.

Zika is high, Terror is high, being a foreigner is a no no, not to mention malaria and other things and NO vacccinations as they’re travelling too soon (probably in the panic). Mom and Dad are freaking out that it’s not safe at all for them (especially for him) to go but doubt there’s anything we can say to stop him.  I’ll send him a text or two this morning once it reaches around 9 maybe 10am and see if I can at least send him precautions at least…just bad, all bad.  i hope he doesn’t see it as being bad either and purposely ignoring it because ‘we don’t want him to be happy’ the fact is we WANT him to be happy and want him to be healthy and most of all survive the freaking trip right?

Sigh. The wife just keeps telling me how it’s fine, it’s their fault, their non planning nature (basically faulting them for not being so brilliant as herself which had a lot of help though she’ll never see that) and then pairing up with me mister cautious as hell which has helped her be where she is today too…it’s not just HER own direction to success and happiness…ugh.

So no sympathy from her which doesn’t surprise me as there wouldn’t be any if anything happened to anyone else though if her own parents get a hangnail oh it’s the world’s end!!!!

Anyway. This blogging isn’t doing me much good so I’ll start making breakfast and start the routine for work.

I just texted him that there is a medical clinic in the Vancouver airport that he may be able to at least get vaccinations from and the site and phone number but we’ll see.

Sunday Blog

I had a really good talk with my brother today.  It was nice but bad that it was under the circumstances of which it was.

He’s going to fly out next week with his girlfriend to settle affairs and so I gave him whatever tips I had from my Japan trips if they were similarly applicable.

Today was odd. In fact the weekend seemed odd in that someone here wasn’t ‘sleeping’ the weekend away. Sadly though due to someone being conscious, I didn’t get any drawing done whatsoever. No drawing, no watching shows really but still did get my coffees so at least SOMETHING was right in my world. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy the weekend was full of both people being up but just interesting to see what habits I’ve formed when someone isn’t.

I think this week I will be going early into work just to get any and all time I can to work on the project and perhaps have my lunch time free from it so I can at least get a break there.

Not much else going on here. We’ll see how the rest of the evening fares.

Weekend Update – Bad News and Other Stuff

So some horrible news came out.  My brothers girlfriend’s parents were killed in a house fire in the Philippines. This is my middle brother and I can’t help but feel extreme sympathy for his girlfriend and himself being the significant other. I can’t imagine what the next while will be but it can’t be easy.

I left my brother a text message after attempting to call that if he needs anything as this will be a super difficult time, that I’m only a call away.

Shocking I know…insanely shocking….ugh.

The rest of the weekend (here) has been okay (great in comparison to that oh geepers). Amazingly enough MY significant other has abstained from you know what so that’s a nice (and surprising) thing and the weekend so far has felt like a fairly easy going, relaxed one though I know the day is young. Always time to grab a shovel right?

This week coming up at work will definitely be absolute HELL…I will have a deadline that was impossible before with two weeks left to work on it, they had me on another job this past week all week so that means my already impossible deadline will be twice as bad so it’ll just be what can I do to ‘tidy things up’ and not maybe ‘fully complete’ the documents and move on from that..still not going to be a fun week by any stretch of the imagination though.



“I Can’t Wait For The Weekend”

Usually this phrase would be said when one’s having a rough week or one’s excited for something happening on the weekend or SOMETHING like that.

A few things I wonder when I hear this phrase is:


“What are you going to do this weekend?”

“Are you going to spend it just like every other weekend?”

If you know what’s going on in my life, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  If you’re looking forward to the weekend, you should have something to look forward to, NOT just sleeping the weekend away face first in the sofa or floor right?

I was panicking for a nanosecond (an ETERNITY for an android) that I didn’t have some ‘event’ planned to keep her from going down her usual path but then remembered…I don’t care!  I do have a lot of spring type stuff to do around the house though.  Depending on the weather, I want to start up my car by the side of the house, run it for a bit because it’s good for it.  I KNOW I have some yard stuff to complete too along with some turd picking as I don’t want it to just build build build until I’m out there for 2 hours….

This morning it’s Meems and me up in the computer room, me sipping coffee out of my new Monkeymod mug and watching YouTube videos, ripping CD’s and comic reading.

Let’s see how today goes at work. 🙂

Grateful I Am, A Decent Day

I want to start with being thankful that the talk with my boss went well and I got my holidays approved against all odds of thinking it would happen.  I had a really decent conversation with him too about Natto, Fermented Soy Beans and other stuff.  Really did enjoy it so that was nice too.

I went to Starbucks on the way home for a ‘unicorn’ frappachino which was only today (I think) and man was it busy. I was about 10th in line but I also bought a croissant so ate that while waiting.

I got home and she had made supper. It was nice. Spagetti and chicken and sauce.

We started watching videos on TV and I had a bit of my wine (a glass) and she had a few beer to the point that she PTFO once again which makes me know that it wasn’t JUST beer that was had, I went to the cupboard and saw I was right.  I did some dishes so I can spend time bumming around tomorrow morning before work and then read my Red Sonja issue. Good as usual but quite a short read in comparison to Manga. I have to keep remembering these are comic issues with maybe 22 pages…

Let’s see what else…took our pup for a car ride and picked up some more things I ordered in the mail, a new coffee mug (another one!) and a T shirt from an artist I follow on YouTube so that’s cool too.

I hope the rest of the week goes okay. Some tensions at the end of the day in the office, thankfully it wasn’t with me but I wonder what the fallout will be…guess I’ll see tomorrow.

I thought I’d put keys to blog…(pen to paper) and write about my day. 🙂 Ooooh now it’s like Spaceballs…when is this…now! Right now! When is now? You JUST MISSED IT! When was it? Now, you just missed now….

*goes upstairs and rips a CD I bought online for my listening pleasure for work*