It’s Choice, It’s Not Bad Luck

Some folks go through life thinking “aww shucks it’s just my bad luck…AGAIN! I can’t seem to get a break!”.  Now to those that have things happen that are out of their control and seem to railroad their lives off a cliff, I’m truly understanding, REALLY!  Those who like to use ‘bad luck’ as their excuse to not change a thing however are the ones that are truly annoying to me.  “If only THIS didn’t happen I would be…” and other statements like that are seemingly only said once the next ‘crisis’ happens that ‘stops’ them from doing something they had no plans of ever doing in the first place.

If it’s the gym, if it’s a change in scenery or no matter what it is, if it’s being used as a reason to stay the exact same and not have to change? Wake up and realize that you’re just making excuses.

It’s choice.

Weekend Summary – Not A Bad One For Me

I  know I’m going blog-crazy with this new blog but that’s okay.  I’m sure I won’t write as much as I have so far going forward.

I wanted this weekend to be productive at least with myself where I’m not just sitting around and watching boring TV all weeeknd.  Now to be fair during the week last week I was doing just that and I got fed up with myself.  Moving forward to this past weekend I ended up doing things, many things and enjoying the days away from work.

I made some food, I did some video game playing, some YouTube watching, some drawing, some personal things like getting my haircut and having a few out of the house coffee runs.  It was GOOD!

May this be the pattern going forward too instead of being pulled in by others to sit and watch boring TV all day (or sleep all day, take your pick). IT just feels like I’m just waiting to die if I just sit around.  Dramatic?  Sure but maybe it’s my feeling that I need to be creative somehow that’s driving me away from just wasting time just because.



A Mini Blog – Fried Rice and Enjoyment

Supper was GREAT! I ended up making some pork fried rice with a packet of spices from the Asian market. I cooked little squares of pork and set them aside, then cooked chopped up veggies, onions, carrots , broccoli stocks and peppers and had the white rice cooking at the same time.  I started 2 eggs by mixing them and then pouring them into the pan.  After that I added the rice and the veggies and meat and stirred in everything including the sauce packet and voila it was DELICIOUS. Into the fridge a few containers of it go.

With all the clinking and clanking there was not one stir from the sleeping one on the sofa.

Thankfully I’m enjoying my Saturday. I’m sipping a matcha green tea latte I made for myself with some packets and steamed milk.

Now to read my Star Trek Boldly Go comic. 🙂

Another LAZY Saturday

Right now, I’m upstairs in the ‘art’ room (computer room) as there is garbage TV on and 2 bodies laying on the sofa sleeping, one a canine and another…

I’m bored out of my tree. I did end up editing my” Day in My Life” video and it’s finally complete. It’s nothing special but was still interesting to do.  Something out of my comfort level. I still have to make more Japan videos too…

I’m going to read the few comics I haven’t read yet and see what happens next.  Will they wake up and make food or will I end up making some.  Probably the later and am thinking of making a large batch of Curry too for the week, not a bad thing as I LOOOOVE me some Japanese curry and you know..want to have some leftovers this week.

I did manage to get my haircut and it feels a TON better.  Now it’ll take time in the mornings during the week to get ready (to be late to work) so that’s a helpful thing.

It looks like tomorrow will be when we go pick up the smoker from the sports shop as today is another day ‘written off’ to the ‘lets sleep all day’ bug (yeah I’ll call it that from now on).

Time to read comics and watch some YouTube!

It’s Too Easy to Do Nothing

20170114_1226182Saturday is here. I’m sipping a coffee after sleeping in until 11AM….yeah it was nice though had odd dreams but that’s normal when I sleep in for some reason…

My plans today are going soon as I finish my coffee out to get a haircut. It’s been too long and it’s driving me nuts…so that’ll be nice.

Last night I did something I want o kick my butt for doing. I basically sat in the chair watching garbage TV with the wife while she went to sleep in front of the TV and I just kept watching….why? Why do I do that to myself where I just sit there doing nothing, know I’m doing nothing and keep sitting there…it’s probably just laziness…

I have tablets for a reason right? I can pull one out and start sketching at least. And if she falls asleep completely I need to take myself upstairs so I can sit in my ‘art studio aka the computer room’ and draw or read comics or watch my shows etc…just not sitting lazily there….

On a positive note, she bought me a new watch, a bright orange one that I like. It’s for my Birthday and Valentines Day. My gift to her for Valentines Day will be paying half for a meat smoker at the sports store. Should be good and we could have smoked meat or give some for Christmas etc to family.

Last night on the way home I stopped at an Asian market that’s in the hood and picked up a few things. Of course had a custard filled bun on the way home. So good. 😊

Also picked up my comics, or rather comics for me!

That’s about all for now I think…


Upcoming Weekend and Rambling

Apologies in advance for a rambling blog entry.

This weekend is like a lot of my weekends for the past few years in that mostly it’s unplanned and unknown until it’s here or until I’m in the midst of doing said thing.

Now those that know me know that I’m not the type of person to just lay around and watch boring television and especially as I grow older I feel like I want the moments to mean something, to experience something.

I’ve been thinking this way a while now where I’d rather have an experience OR be learning something than just sitting there waiting for Monday to roll around and be back at the grind. I’d rather create my own entertainment more than just consume some though I do still consume some (as in comic books, as in anime, as in MY shows that I watch) but not like before where I’d get in the habit of sitting with my wife watching crime documentaries or history channel stuff when I’m completely disinterested in the subject matter and just zone out and feel an overwhelming sense of time wasting.

One thing living with a partner is that both may have vastly different interests and also different ways they like to wind down. Myself being creative I enjoy going up to my room alone with my computer on and drawing and sketching. Not the same with my wife. She winds down by sitting or lying down and watching nonstop television allowing her to relax that way. I know I will never be able to fully understand how this is relaxing to her but she will never understand how I can go sit at a desk for 9 hours and then want to come home and sit at another desk and draw draw draw.

Now as we know, my January ‘free’ time or ‘fri’ time as you know it, is at a bare minimum due to projects being due in an unreasonable timeframe so I haven’t had a lot of ‘me’ free time lately to draw or wander or coffee at least compared to what I’m used to. I think to have a bit of ‘me’ time today I’ll make a couple stops on the way home as I can ‘slip’ out of work a bit earlier. I want to hit up a comic store and maybe somewhere to wander so that’s what I’ll do before getting home.

I’m still in a process of making a ‘A Day in My Life’ video though it’s just editing that I have to complete so that should be coming out “hopefully” tomorrow. It’s one way I can feel a bit creative without having the time to spend hours at a desk.

I’m not sure where I was heading with this entry though wanted to write something up at least.


Like a Mini Wheat Commercial of the 80’s

Something interesting has come up at home. Now this isn’t something secretive or anything ‘bad’ per say but I will see an opportunity out of something where in the past I may have questioned and rebelled against.

We have a pup at home, he’s one of my best friends. As he ages, we’ve been talking about her starting an hour earlier than normal so that he has to spend less time locked up and less time if there are accidents.

A “me” of a year ago would have rebelled against it simply due to the fact that I’ll have to get up earlier an hour with her, wont’ be able to just go back to sleep for that hour and then at night it’ll be pressure for me to go to bed earlier than what I already face as far as pressure to go to bed early.

The “me” of today thinks “hey me, I can wake up earlier, and perhaps use that time to DRAW or anything else I feel like for that hour without interruption, and then come home an hour after she does where she tells me that she could have supper ready for me when I get home. Good in theory but as anti-matter is hard to find in our universe (yet), Iiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee will not be holding my breath. Good intentions people….good intentions…

I plan to keep what I will do to myself as well as ‘life’ has a way of stepping in and going ‘oh you want to do something for YOU? Well let me just come up with a dozen things that I (life that is) want you to do instead.