Case of the Mondays *hic*

Monday’s day off. Food of champions.

4 500ml rum and cokes, x 380 = 1520
6 Asahi Beer = x 147 = 882

Total Calories?


Beach Body Approved I’m sure. Plus you know, the FOOD she had today too.


Now. She’s went to bed basically as soon as I got home so my plans are to eat, take plants out of the garage since a storm’s passed (thanks for the help hun!*rimshot) and then do some either sketching or watching MY shows.


LOL…Doggie Blues

You know what’s funny?

I get texts later in the afternoon about how her day has went. How the pups aren’t getting along, how they all hate the new pup, how they all want to be let out at different times…my responses?

Sounds about right. They’re just like kids you know.

She tries getting more sympathy (or any) and she’s not finding it here. I’ve been dealing with this since we got him hun. Time you can deal with it for ONE SOLITARY SINGLE DAY…


Like The Doomsday Clock…

I get up to let the guest pup and our New pup out.  It’s 2:10am. Someone isn’t in bed. I figure she’s up eating food. I bring the pup downstairs to a tone of voice that you may hear or you may use when you’re caught doing something. 

“H-hey I’m just down here because my hip is sore…”

I say “ok” and let the pups out. 

I already know what’s going on and I haven’t even smelled the breath yet. 

I give her a nice long hug and take the pups back upstairs and climb back into bed. 

It’s 2:22am and she’s drinking full on. 

I just wanted to write this to keep track although I’m not shocked really. More just like a thought of “I always thought moose were large..and now I know since I actually just saw one.

Bring on work.


Just noticing that when the PO isn’t bitching, we really don’t have anything to talk about. I have nothing to say to her. All I’m thinking is about what can I draw, and when can I visit my family. 


So today is a day where meals are being cooked. At least the PO is doing something today instead of being laid up and out cold.

It’s laundry day for me too. It’s humid and hot in the house and humid outside too unlike the nice day I had yesterday outside.

I was wondering why booze hadn’t been consumed yet but then remembered that she has tomorrow off from work due to a temporary slow down so assume she’s saving it up to have a ‘winner day’ tomorrow.

I did some more drawing last night which was nice to do. I am hoping to do a bit more today too. Not really a lot else to report though. Think I’ll just start on the laundry.

Later Saturday

It’s still not late. It’s about 15 minutes past 8pm. Just had the doggies in and out a few times while talking to my brother (future dad) on the phone for nearly an hour. It was a good talk! One of those talks you wish could be each and every talk and hey since we’re both male, why can’t it be right?

We discussed the usual things, went into talking about maturity, women and so on. Was funny talking about things though. It was nice! He’s thinking about doing T shirts and trying to market them online. I know other artists that do that all the time too and it’s ‘some’ success, more like passive income, so once it’s up, if someone buys a shirt then yay! They still have their day jobs so it’s not like they’re up and going on a world tour, no they just sold a t shirt and happy about it.

He was talking about computer programs like photoshop and illustrator and such and I let him know about which he had heard of from a friend of his too, it’s good too because far as I know you can access it if you have a library card too far as I can remember…

Funny looking at my step counter (not counting riding my bike or my walk to the convenience store) as it’s over 12000 steps for the day. It’s quite a bit for a typical weekend day here.

He agreed though with the consensus that i have to look out for me and keep pushing my time and my creative pursuits and live my life and let her deal with her own life.

Anyway, it feels good to have ‘visited with’ my brother tonight.

On with the rest of the night AND tomorrow…

Selfish Saturday? Naw.

It just feels like I’m on a broken record sometimes.

I’m doing okay here having finished the yard stuff. I come into the house to see dishes are still everywhere, someone’s still passed out and 3 dogs are roaming.

I let them all out one at a time, they do thier business and thus far at least, no accidents in the house yet. So glad she wanted to borrow her coworkers dog so she could see how things were with the pup as far as playing goes. Guess she didn’t need to actually SEE how it was. Passed right out since about noon here.

I’m tempted to just go out for a bit myself leaving her here with the pups and then perhaps do some life drawing upstairs at the computer. Sure she’ll wake up and wonder where I am and then be immediately pissed that I’m not sitting here watching her be passed out but she’s ‘so tiiiiiiiiiiired’ from not sleeping due to letting the dogs out she says. Fact is wrong though since I’m the one that let them out twice last night. She just woke up to fill her gullet.

I’m just enjoying my weekend myself really, with the pups here and there. I’m doing things for me, entertaining me and thinking of me. Selfish? Naw, someone else is being selfish first.